10 weird snack rituals we all secretly have

The Internet is losing its collective mind over the way Kourtney Kardashian eats a Kit Kat, because of course. According to Kourtney, her way of snacking on the candy bar will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.


If you haven’t watched Kourtney’s Kit Kat instructional video yet, it’s seriously mesmerizing and probably one of the greatest gifts the Kardashian squad has given us. In the video, Kourtney takes a single Kit Kat bar and instructs us to bite off the ends first, and then the sides. THEN, you peel away the wafery-y layers of Kit Kat and eat them one by one. It’s torturous. It’s confusing. It’s maybe the most delightful way to spend ten minutes eating a quarter of a candy bar.


But Kourtney is surely not the only human who has ~weird~ food rituals. Most of us perform strange acts before eating a snack, right? Here are some quirky ways you’ve probably consumed food.

1. Mutilating an Oreo before eating it.


As in, licking the frosting off first. Or taking two Oreos and eating the non-frosted cookie first and then smooshing the two frosted sides together for a Mega Oreo. You’ve customized your Oreos before. Don’t you deny it.

2. Licking the powder off Pringles first before crunching down on them


Licking the salty powder off both sides of the chip makes it kind of soggy in an explicably satisfying way.

3. Making a duck face with two Pringles before eating

Just like the commercials.

4. Eating the cake first and THEN the frosting


This applies to regular cake and baby cakes. There is nothing better than a chunk of frosting over a thin layer of remaining cake. NOTHING.

5. Peeling your orange in one giant piece


Such. A. Good. Feeling.

6. Saving the strawberry-flavored candy for last, always

Strawberry Skittles. Strawberry Starbursts. Strawberry gummy bears. Saving the strawberry candy for last is the most important kind of self-discipline.

7. When you drink bubble tea, you only allow yourself one or two tapioca balls with every sip, so the ratio of tea to boba stays relatively balanced

Otherwise, you end up with a pile of tapioca balls at the bottom of your cup (or you eat them all too fast) and it’s just a nightmare.

8. Eating a soft-boiled egg all in one go to avoid leaky yolk


The texture of warm, runny yolk = the worst.

9. Eating the top half of the bagel to save the bottom half for last (or vice versa)


Everyone has a bagel-eating ritual. Everyone.

10. Melting your ice-cream before eating it.


Who needs ice-cream when you could have WARM-cream, amiright?

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