Annnnd promposal season is back and weirder than ever

We’re all for going above and beyond when asking someone to prom, because it adds a little fun to the season. But some people take it to genuinely unexpected new places. Creative? Yes! Weird? Oooooh yes.

We’re pretty sure this guy was playing his promposal for laughs and clearly it suits the sense of humor of the girl he was asking, as she’s absolutely dying laughing when he holds up his promposal sign. Which is fitting, considering his promposal was exactly the opposite of dying.

This kid got his friends to create an emergency scenario in the hallway of their school, complete with screaming, lab coats and a gurney. When the kid seeking medical attention opens his legs and another boy pops out, clothed in an adult diaper and cupid wings, things get pretty hilariously weird.

It’s for sure got our attention!

The message on his sign? I was BORN to go to prom with you! Oh, yes. These two crazy kids were clearly made to be prom dates.

Will anyone top this promposal in 2015? It’s hard to imagine how, but we’ll keep watching all the promposal videos we can find to see if these are the promopsal 2015 winners.

(Image via YouTube)