The Weird New Ways We’re Playing With Our Food

When you think about the word “dressing,” near the term “produce,” you’re probably thinking about something oil-based. Well behold, the latest funny food trend: Peaches in underwear, just because.

The trend is all over Chinese produce stands, confirming that once and for all, the peach emoji is indeed a butt. This idea sprung from a fruit vendor in Nanjing, China, who calls this look, “Ripe Fruit,” and sells boxes for $80 (!) as a novelty present (so, is this a thing you bring to Bachelor parties? Unclear).

But alas, peaches aren’t the only fruits subject to the creative whims of humans. Check out some of these other food-based novelty items we totally can’t believe exist.

1. Apple Cozies

While this Granny Smith is pulling off this red cable knit, I can’t help but wonder why? Is this for fashion or function?

2. Banana Jackets

Remember Bananas in Pajamas? (Sorry, now that song is going to be stuck in your head for the next 24 hours.) Well, now they’ve upgraded to jackets. I guess this seems a little more practical than the apple sweater, as it probably prevents bruising.

3. Knitted Produce

This is a nice alternative to the apples at your mom’s that are “just for show!” I mean, how cute! And like your mom’s wax apples, these are also not edible.

4. Edible Food Packaging

While knitted fruit may not be for eating, soon your glass will be. The future of food is wrapped, packaged and on things that are edible. Soon you can eat your cocktail glass or chow down on your burger wrapper. So get ready to hear, “Um. . . is this martini glass gluten-free?!”

5. Cactus Cupcakes

I had to do a double take with this little guys that are ALL OVER PINTEREST. These are not real cacti, just a very elaborate frosting job.

6. Food In The Air 

So this is fun. This Instagram account @FoodInTheAir does exactly what it’s handle suggests. “Do you like food? Do you like the air?” It asks in it’s bio. The account includes beautiful photos of food surrounded by picturesque backdrops like this donut. I’m not a fan of instagramming food. Unless it’s done right. Like this. Your move, Martha Stewart.

7. Milk & Cookie Shot 

From the creators of cronuts comes the milk and cookies shot. This seems pretty perfect. Although I do love dipping my cookies in milk. Or better yet crumbling my Oreos in milk.

Well there you have it. Playing with food can be fun! Do you see any other food trends in our future?

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