This beauty hack involves putting marshmallows in your hair and we’re weirdly on board

When you’re browsing YouTube for Selena Gomez-inspired curls, the possibilities seem endless. There are plenty of DIY methods for curling your hair, but we may have stumbled upon the weirdest hair hack yet — curling your hair with marshmallows.

This is probably the cheapest hair hack ever!

While most people get tousled waves using their curling iron, there are a lot of crazy alternatives on YouTube that will give you the waves you desire.

Leave it to Bunny Meyer, known on YouTube as Grav3yard Girl, to take curly hair to a new level. The beauty blogger has a popular video series where she tries out new and weird beauty products.

The video gets interesting when Grav3yard Girl doesn’t have the necessary curlers to test out a new hair dryer bonnet.

“I don’t have any curlers here,” Meyer says, looking around to see what beauty products she has that she can substitute for curlers.

If you’re thinking she used actual marshmallows to curl her hair, then your intuition is on point.

“I’m in a wacky mood,” she tells her viewers.

Lucky for the beauty blogger, the round treats are very much like hot rollers since they are the same shape! Meyer jokes that her hair was actually “clean for once” before she decided to put the sugary snack in it.

And even though marshmallows aren’t ideal for your hair, the hack surprisingly works! Meyer’s hair curled to a nice “glossy” finish, and because the treats are sticky, her curls might actually stay in place.

It looks like we’ll be picking up a bag of marshmallows on our next grocery trip!

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