9 weird little things that separate a best friend from any other friend

When it comes to the hierarchy of friends, we all have that one pal who has seen us at our strangest, but doesn’t judge us for any of it. After building such a solid bond over time, it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly makes someone your best friend, as opposed to just any other friend (because hey, you def love them too). It’s hard to explain because it’s actually weird little things that separate a best friend from all the other friends.

For example, you may not feel completely comfortable passing gas in front of your other pals, but letting one rip in the presence of your BFF feels totally normal because that’s just how best friends for life roll, ya know? No need for manners or any pretense that keeps you both from being your pure, unadulterated selves.

Anyway, feel free to keep some stuff to yourself when hanging with your friend group, but when and your bestie have some “us” time, here’s how you know you’re one-half of the most wonderfully weird duo ever.

1Best friends know all your quirks and embrace them accordingly.

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When it comes to you and your bestie, you’re totally comfortable exposing all those oddball tendencies you conceal from the rest of your friends. Instead of making you feel bad about being a bit of a weirdo, your BFF fully accepts things about you that might give your other pals pause.

2You both text weird stuff whenever the mood strikes.

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When you receive a barrage of text messages from your friend at midnight because HOLY SHIT, they have something so urgent to tell you about the latest YouTube beauty guru they discovered, you don’t even get pissed about having your sleep interrupted because…best friend. TBH, you started a text message on the exact topic but fell asleep before you could press send.

Besides, everyone knows that text messages between best friends are typically hilarious and rarely, if ever, ill-timed.

3You perform shameless smell checks.

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You and your bestie have no problems letting the other know about lingering BO. From smelly pitts to erm, other areas with odd odors, you never feel sheepish about asking your BFF if you stink, and she has no issue telling you the unfiltered truth.

4Speaking of stink, you and your bestie frequently destroy one another’s bathrooms.

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You can’t keep track of who’s the worst toilet offender, but it’s obvious that your urgent digestive issues aren’t a source of shame.

5And you talk while peeing.

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You other friends prefer to go in silence, but you and your BFF chat up a storm mid-stream.

6You get buck naked in front of each other.

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She’s your sister from another mother, which means you practically came out of the same womb. You’re super comfortable in that way, so when she flings her bra to the other side of the room in your presence, you don’t even bat an eyelash because you’ve pretty much seen it all at this point.

7You give each other horrible makeovers on purpose.

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Hey, don’t judge us! Making each another look like the worst versions of ourselves for absolutely no reason at all is a completely normal best friend thing to do.

8 You talk without uttering a single word.

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A picture is worth a 1,000 words — or a single one of your bestie’s facial expressions. Don’t like something or someone? Your BFF can simply shoot you the quickest of glances to let you know what’s up, and no one else will be privy to your unspoken convo.

9You discuss sex nonstop.

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This includes topics like when and where you’re getting it, how often you’re getting it on (or not) and with whom said getting is happening. It might be considered off-limits or TMI for any of your other pals, but your BFF is all ears and totally not above swapping brow-raising sex stories.

Other people may not understand what you two have going, but your bestie is your favorite person, and that means having your own world together that might seem completely odd and alarming to anyone else (which is fine because they aren’t invited into it anyway).