People are sneaking some incredibly bizarre foods into movie theaters

The only thing better than eating buttery popcorn and boxes of candy while watching a movie on the big screen is eating the food you’ve snuck into the theater. It might have something to do with the excitement of breaking the rules, but it usually just has to do with food.

Because movies plus delicious food equals happiness.

Humans have been sneaking food into movie theaters for forever, because who wants to spend $17 on a soda and popcorn? But the foods they’re sneaking in seem to be getting more and more bizarre…and ballsy.

People have taken to Twitter to share the pretty outlandish foods they sneak into movie theaters.

And we can’t help but think they’re a little nutso, but also borderline geniuses.

Like, for example, two women brought an entire watermelon into a movie theater and ate it with a spoon. AN ENTIRE WATERMELON, YOU GUYS — seeds and all. But they didn’t just carry them in normally, because obviously they would have been caught. They MacGyver-ed the situation by strapping the watermelons to their bellies.

Others are admitting to bringing foods that are a little more portable, but still pretty hilarious.


We could definitely get down with some Ben & Jerry’s and blueberries, but we’re not completely sold on crab legs. Unless someone else was in charge of bringing the melted butter.

Here are some more foods we can’t believe people snuck into a movie theater, but also are a little jealous we didn’t think of it until now.

Except not kale…we could do without the raw kale.

We’re pretty impressed with these sneaky foodies.

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