15 weird food combinations that really do taste amazing

Whether you’ll admit it or not, we’ve all tried (and loved!) weird food combinations that sound gross but taste amazing. Maybe you’re a fan of dipping your McDonald’s fries into your milkshake, or became obsessed with Oreos and peanut butter thanks to The Parent Trap, but either way, you likely have your own favorite weird food combinations that would make someone else totally skeeve out.

Recently, Ivanka Trump served marshmallows on hot dogs at her daughter Arabella’s sixth birthday party, and some people were confused about this #mallowdog situation. It turns out that this is a pretty popular food combo at children’s birthday parties in the Philippines, and while some on Twitter were sufficiently grossed out, we think it sounds like the perfect campfire treat…as a pre-s’more snack, of course.

Here are the best weird food combos that actually taste amazing…peanut butter fans, you’re in for a real treat. The opportunities are endless.

1Avocado and chocolate

When we first saw recipes for “healthy” avocado brownies, we admit that we were skeptical…but it turns out, avocado’s creamy, mild taste pairs perfectly with both milk and dark chocolate, creating a rich, decadent dessert for even the most dubious foodies.

2Sweet potato fries and maple syrup


You simply haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed the sweet crunch of sweet potato fries dipped in warm maple syrup.

3Peanut butter and bacon

Turns out that bacon is the perfect salty complement to some gooey, creamy peanut butter. Try it on a sandwich or toast, with a drizzle of honey for extra sweetness.

4Hot sauce and cauliflower

On its own, cauliflower is pretty bland, but that’s what makes it so perfect for experimenting with sauces and flavors. Marinate it in hot sauce and you’ve got cauliflower popcorn, the perfect light game day treat that won’t leave you feeling bloated and overstuffed (ahem, we’re lookin’ at you, buffalo wings).

5Olive oil and ice cream

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with ice cream, and you may be surprised to find that olive oil gelato is actually a delicacy in Italy. Who knew? We trust Italians with all things food-related, so this one is a must-try for a little savory and sweet action.

6Chocolate and pizza


If this sounds like something out of your PMS craving dreams, you need to try this. Melted dark chocolate (or even Nutella) is the bomb dot com on pizza. We are officially drooling.

7Peanut butter and jelly burger


We didn’t know it was possible to improve upon a classic burger, but adding our childhood staples elevates it to something delicious for all ages. We won’t tell if you sneak bites from your kid’s plate.

8Salami and grapes

You already know to pair grapes and cheese with a good glass of vino at a dinner party, but your lactose intolerant guests will love salami and grapes together for a perfect salty-and-sweet appetizer.

9Milkshake and fries

Sure, you can dip your fries in ketchup, but that’s so boring. Even McDonald’s has endorsed dipping fries into your milkshake, so you know it’s legit. BRB…hitting up the drive-thru immediately.

10Avocado and honey


Looking for a way to make your avo toast next-level? Add a drizzle of honey, a shake of salt and pepper, and a little feta cheese. Your taste buds will thank you.

11Peanut butter and pickles

No, this isn’t simply some wacky pregnancy craving — plenty of people love a good ‘ol peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Don’t knock it ’til ya try it, friends.

12Popcorn and marshmallows

While admittedly not the most sophisticated fare, it’s the perfect sweet treat for movie night, and that’s something we can all get behind.

13Peanut butter and Oreos

Whether you were dippin’ your Oreos in PB before Lindsay Lohan did, or you have been doing it since the Parent Trap days, this one is a classic for a reason: It’s effing delicious.

14Broccoli and Cheetos


Yes, as bizarre as this sounds, broccoli with Cheetos is an actual menu item at a high-end, super-swanky New York City restaurant. And we would like to go to there, please.

15Grape jelly and eggs

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple, and so is grape jelly…but together? Turns out, it makes for a delicious morning meal. Try it on some toast with bacon, and you’ll be starting your day off right.