We just found out this one super weird fact about people with blue eyes

In pretty weird/kinda freaky news of the day, we just found out that all people with blue eyes are apparently related. However, if you have blue eyes and your S.O. also has blue eyes, don’t run to the nearest bathroom to vomit just yet.

You’re only very, very distantly related.

According to an article on Tech Insider, research shows that all blue-eyed people share a common ancestor who lived between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. This person exhibited a gene mutation that causes blue eyes.

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Before the introduction of this specific mutation (known as HERC2), everyone had brown eyes. However, the mutation literally turns off the gene that tells our bodies to produce melanin in our irises, leaving just the blue. And everyone who has blue eyes is a descendant from the one person who first displayed the mutation — and exhibits the mutation themselves.

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Researchers theorize that the mutation first occurred around the time that humans migrated to the continent now known as Europe — which explains why many people of European descent have blue eyes.

So again, if you and your honey both have blue eyes, it’s not like you’re kissing cousins. It’s more like you’re extremely, extremely distant kissing cousins…if that helps at all.