Weird Al and an autistic children’s choir brought the house down last night (we’re still crying)

You’ve likely seen the social media buzz from last night’s Night of Too Many Stars telecast which was full of, well, too many stars in the very best way possible. The event is a biennial Comedy Central offering that benefits autism, and children with autism have performed so, so beautifully on the show in years past. Last night was no exception.

Indeed last night’s feelings highlight was when Weird Al, Jodi DiPiazza (more on her in a minute) and the Actionplay Chorus, an autistic children’s choir, took to the stage to perform Weird Al parody “Yoda” (like The Kinks’ “Lola”). We never knew “Yoda” could spark so many feelings.

In addition to the members of the chorus, Jodi too is on the autism spectrum. But that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves to do and music and performing are at the very top of that list. Jodi first graced the Night of Too Many Stars stage back in 2012  (when she was only 11!) and sang “Firework” with Katy Perry. We all wept. Now Jodi is a student at Mannes College of Music Preparatory Division and she not only sings, but also plays the piano, the guitar, and writes her own songs. Out of everyone last night, she might have been the biggest star of them all.

The video basically encompasses everything needed to cry happy tears. Watch and sing and cry along, my friends.

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