Something *very* suspicious just happened to The Weeknd’s Instagram account, and we hope it means new music soon

When people suddenly clear their Instagram feed, we tend to automatically assume the worst. Like, no one would ever make such a bold social media statement that it isn’t attached to total dramz, right? Well, maybe, but if you’re The Weeknd, deleting every photo on Instagram isn’t necessarily a way to tell followers your life has gone to hell and you no longer GAF about posting selfies every single day.

What it could mean though, is that “The Hills” singer is about to bless us with some new music. In addition to spring cleaning his Insta, The Weeknd also changed his profile name to “STARBOY.”


He has yet to post any new photos but that still hasn’t stopped his fans from completely freaking out over the prospect of new music.


OK, so this mass fan meltdown is cute, but let us not forget what happened when Frank Ocean didn’t release his new  album even after the internet threatened to give up on him. We don’t mean to rain on your Weeknd parade, but past experience has taught us not to get too invested in the mystery of celebrities’ strange social media moves. Honestly, we’re going to be hella pissed if The Weeknd’s just going through a really bad fight with his girlfriend.