Weekly horoscopes February 16-22 by Zoe Moon


Ready to feel good, feel noticed, and feel like you are getting your mojo back, Aries? Well, this week is bound to give you some much-needed juice, and it is my opinion that you are very much in the drivers seat with it, so buckle up and choose your direction—it’s go time. You should make your week about fresh starts with aspirations you’ve been dreaming up, your friends and groups, the Internet and astrology, charities or causes, parties or events, your freedom or original projects, and any way you feel like reinventing yourself. You have New Moon momentum behind it as well as lots of supportive configurations to help you take the right steps. You should also focus a great deal on yourself. This week, your ruler comes home to roost in your sign for the first time in two years followed by Venus showing up the next day. Both will tour here for weeks to come, giving you the decided edge in activities and adventures. You will have more chemistry, magnetism, joy, and ability to follow through than at other times and I’m sure you have at least some idea of how you would like to use this advantage. It’s your week. It’s also interesting to note that both Mars and Venus have not toured here together since 1997, so make it count.


You have more potential than most to make a splash on the career front this week, Taurus, or to set a goal and go after it with some confidence. You may also use the momentum of the New Moon week to pursue something with a boss, parent, judge, director, mentor, or other higher-up type. It’s about your aspirations and originality getting a foothold now, and you may be able to involve friends, groups, or what you are doing online or with charities, so make the most of it. You are also going to get a major boost behind the scenes as first Mars and then Venus show up here to tour for the weeks ahead. This is going to give you more drive, passion, and motivation around anything you want to achieve or enjoy involving film, music, art, poetry, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, healing, hospitals, research, romantic getaways, clandestine romance, or your own recuperation/restful period. Tune into the inner voice, pay attention to the signs—you have more heat and ability to bring it to flame now by focusing on desires here and going for it. You haven’t had this combo here to work for you since 1997 so it’s important to be proactive.


You are one of the best signs out there for your ability to be in two places at once, or to juggle 16 things while looking nonchalant, so get ready to put that to the test this week. You have so much coming at you that can really be wonderful and active, and you won’t want to miss out on any of it. First, the week should be about anything at all that you wish to further when it comes to media, marketing, publishing, or broadcasting interests, educational pursuits, wedding plans, travel itineraries, legal needs, religious beliefs, or political agenda. You have New Moon momentum here as well as tons of supportive aspects helping you get there. Second, you should make this week about all the action that is about to skyrocket with friends, groups, the Internet, astrology, charities, causes, your freedom, aspirations, or original ideas, thanks to Mars and Venus showing up here and lighting a fire you are going to like. It’s time to make things happen here, you haven’t had this kind of cosmic boost with both energies since 1997, so decide what you desire, what you love, and what you can do now to make it so. It should be exciting.


I would think most Cancers out there are going through a pretty profound time of change and are thinking fairly obsessively about their financial situation, a divorce, your sex life, mortality issues, reproductive concerns, or third party matters. This may seem intense as you look at the deeper topics of life, but as true as this is, you are now entering a period where you can do something about it and evolve the situation in some favorable light. Hit the ground running this week with new approaches or ways you can carry the situation forward into new territory—the cosmos is behind you. You are also going to experience the boost that you get once every 2 years when Mars moves into your Midheaven. This week both he and Venus are starting their tour together and will do their work to further your goals, career agenda, reputation, fame, or dealings with older, established or authority types over the weeks ahead. You will find more drive and determination as well as joy in the process of what is about to unfold; get behind it and take it where you will. You haven’t had them both here since 1997, so it’s a big deal.


Even a shining star like you, dear lion/lioness, needs the strength you get from a significant other. This may mean a romantic or marriage partner or it could be about your goals in life that involve a business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, the competition, or other key players. This week is like no other when it comes to your potential to get out there via these people and make headway. Seek to further your aims with this New Moon momentum and connect with the right relationships. You are also going to feel the heat turn up a notch or two around any media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, legal, educational, travel, wedding, religious, or political themes in your life as Mars and Venus show up to light that fire. These two will be traveling here for weeks to come, the combination of them both here having not occurred since 1997, so you are now in a position to really make things happen. So fight the good fight, see passions and attractions play out, and bring the drive and determination to get what you want furthered, Leo!


The cosmos thinks you’ve been through quite enough lately when it comes to your health situation, your job outlook, the paperwork, or the animals, and this week you are going to get a major boost from the powers that be to move things forward into new territory or to start the process that will take you where you want to go. You will want to partner with this added momentum by stepping up, going after what you think might help, and showing just how confident you are in this new perspective you’ve acquired along the way. You have fortunate stars behind you now. You are also going to feel the amped up energy around life and death situations, divorce, your sex life, reproductive needs, and any major financial situations as first Mars and then Venus move into these matters to tour here for the weeks to come. You haven’t had Mars and Venus together here since 1997 and the combination of these energies is going to give you the action you require to make things move forward, to fight for anything you need, to motivate, to express passion and love, and push for financial needs; and it will start to happen now with a little effort on your part. This is a transformative zone, so the efforts you make now can purge something and help you put a new face on it. Again, the stars are aligned to help.


I bring you a box wrapped in festive paper with a bow on top. Go ahead, open it—yes, that’s right, what you have there is a brand new start or a pass that will take you ahead of where you are now with your creative project, your love life/lover, the children, or any recreational interests. This is your last big push of the year in these areas, and it’s only a present if you take it out of the box and do something with it. All you need to do is decide what you want and aim yourself in that direction—you have more momentum now behind it than any other time, so make the week count. Secondly, there is an influx of energy into the zone of long term relationships, meaning a boost to your romantic or business partnerships, your representatives, clients, specialists, competition, and other key relationships. This is thanks to both Mars and Venus arriving here this week to tour for many weeks to come. You haven’t had this kind of combination since 1997, so get ready to light a fire, to see more action, to fight the good fight, to pursue love or money, or to bring the passion. It’s go time, get behind it!


Whether you have been redesigning your home, focusing on bringing people in or out of it, moving, getting your real estate on, dealing with family matters, or a parent or roommate situation, or whether your needs right now are just about stabilizing the roots and foundations in your life so a new flowering can begin, the week ahead is going to help you take it towards that goal with new potential if you work for it. You have the last big push from the cosmos this year, so make it count; involve your friends, groups, causes, or online interests, or push through those aspirations—New Moon energy is behind it. You are also going to feel the heat as Mars and Venus move into Aries this week and give you a boost in work life, with health needs, pets, any paperwork, co-workers, or people you hire. You haven’t had this combination since 1997, and it gives you the fighting edge, stirs passions, brings love and beauty and women into the mix, and helps you take action and bounce off the activities going on to move things forward. Again, get in there and do what it is you want to see happen—there are lots of great aspects helping you make it happen, so it’s time to start and go for it!


This is a very powerful week full of opportunity for you, Sage. First, you have more boost behind your ideas, and this can take the form of positive meetings, talks, proposals, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, auditions, short trips, local activities, what you do with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or some big decisions you are ready to make. You want to jump in there in any of these topics and move forward, because the aspects are great and you have New Moon momentum helping you get to that next level and take things further if you do. Next, there is an influx of energy into the zone of true love, children, creative projects, and fun as both Mars and Venus arrive here in a combo you haven’t seen since 1997. This is going to be ongoing over the weeks ahead, so starting this week, you should prepare to be way more busy, passionate, ready to fight the good fight, focus on love or income, get things moving ahead, and very motivated when it comes to your desires. Again, the cosmos is linking up in positive ways around what you are willing to do about it, so go for it.


It’s one of those major weeks, Capricorn. For your sign it is all about two areas of life that are really going to take off if you get behind it now. One, your income or anything involving possessions or purchases is getting a New Moon boost as well as many positive alignments from the cosmos this week. It’s time to look at that next level or take things further in current paradigms, look at friends and associates, your groups or Internet participation, your causes or astrology in the mix, and how your aspirations are truly tied to these matters, so go for it. You have two weeks with this boost to income, possessions, and purchases, but this week is extra stellar. Next, there is going to be a big boost around home, real estate, renovations, moves, family, roommates, or parents starting this week as both Mars and Venus arrive here in a combo you haven’t experienced since 1997. This is about more momentum, drive, motivation, activities, the passions and love abounding, the income and determination to move it ahead amping up, and a fighting spirit in going for it. There’s more going on than usual over the weeks ahead, so get behind it—again, the aspects are amazing for you.


I could just sum up the week like this: it’s about you and a decision. And truly, it is; but let me flesh it out for you a bit more. First, the ‘you’ part; you have many extremely positive aspects as well as a New Moon boosting you out there, which are coming together in the week ahead to help you with any next level or new territory you wish to see for yourself, your body, your name, title, image, brand, signature, or personal needs. You don’t always get this kind of support and it may be the best week of the year for you, so be proactive in going for it. Next, the big decision part; this is about Mars and Venus arriving in your communications zone together for the first time since 1997. It is going to light a fire under talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, auditions, short trips, moves, local activities, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions. It is a highly dynamic time of activity, the fighting spirit, attraction, motivation, passions, love, money, women, and making things happen now in these matters. You are going to be very busy and can move mountains—the aspects are great this week, so do what you will to further what you want here.


As the magic sign of the zodiac, I feel comfortable throwing the abracadabra at you as you start your week, mainly because A) I know you can take it, and B) the aspects and New Moon momentum behind it are going to be favorable and stellar for you. So let’s break it down: you can move forward or into new territory with a bit of effort on your part in any mystical or magical interests, with meditation or yoga, healing or hospitals, psychic abilities or signs, your art, film, music, dance, sculpture, or poetry, the Karmic situations, clandestine romances, past life topics, romantic getaways, or rebalancing, with facing addictions, bad habits or self-sabotage, or with any boundary issues, deception or hidden agendas. The cosmos has your back, so it’s time to move forward. Next, Mars and Venus are showing up to amp up the volume big time—you haven’t seen this combo here since 1997, when it comes to income, possessions, or purchases. So in the weeks ahead, you have more action, passion, fighting spirit, attractive abilities, love, money flow, and motivation to make things happen, and you are going to be as busy as you would like. So determine what you desire and get ready to make it happen(. . . just don’t overspend).

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