Weekly horoscopes October 19-25 by Zoe Moon


Aries, you’ve been dealing with some issue or challenging yourself more involving a partner, client, competitor, specialist, agent, attorney, or other key relationship since September 10th. It’s been about what’s going on or needs to go on with a powerful goal, the career needs or an authority figure like the boss, parent or judge. This week ahead brings the last big push with these matters so prepare to head into it for one last hurrah. When it comes to work, health, pets, paperwork, hired help, or co-workers, you seem to be in pretty nice shape or heading that way, so stay optimistic. The wild-card energy I see this week’s comes from you! You will likely have your moments when you feel like breaking free, acting out, rebelling a bit, or doing it differently. That’s fine, pretty much expected with this energy, just do give others a chance to catch up. New Solar energy focuses on your sex life, divorce, reproductive needs, mortality issues, big financial interests, and third party situations starting on Friday. You’ll have 30 days to get more personally or physically involved in these matters, it should be a time to further your needs and to shine


Taurus, you began quite the mountain to climb regarding your job, paperwork, co-workers, people you hire, health needs, or getting organized way back on September 10th. The big issues here involved legalities, education, media, marketing, travel, beliefs, weddings, or the politics. You were and are ready to evolve this situation and this week is your last big push so head into it with a willingness to overcome obstacles and achieve. Things look positive in your love life, with creative outlets, kids, or fun so lean in this direction when the opportunity knocks. I see a wild, unpredictable energy ramping up on and off this week around something you are doing in private or secret, with a romance, artistic pursuit, spiritual practice, addiction, hospital, or the research. So expect a bit of on your toes moments here. Solar energy arrives in your relationship zone on Friday and puts a spotlight on you with these partners, clients, specialists, representatives, and opponents for the next 30 days. This is a great time to get more involved and take the lead, you’ll shine.


Gemini, you’re almost there but there is still something to hammer out involving your lover, kids, creative interests, or recreational pursuits. You’ve been dealing with third party situations/triangles here, power struggles, controlling interests, changes, or something involving sex, divorce, finances, or reproduction since September 10th. So head into your week determined to talk about it, handle the agreement, sales, writing, meeting, news you hear, or decision that should be made about it. You have one of your better weeks at home or with real estate deals, moves, renovations, family, parents, or roommates so enjoy the flow. It seems your friends are all over the place so be in the moment or stand back and let them do their crazy. From Friday onward you get a boost of sunshine highlighting your work situation, what’s going on with health, people you hire, co-workers, paperwork, and pets. This helps you step up and stand out here over the next 30 days so plan on diving in and making it count.


Cancer, you started to push things or deal with some big objective or issue at home, with real estate, moves, renovations, a parent, roommate, or the family back on September 10th. This is the last big week to deal with that specialist, client, agent, attorney, partner, opponent, or other key player about it so expect to get in there and open up the dialogue again or work on that agreement, sale, the meeting, writing, or decision to be made. You have one of your better weeks for local activities or short trips, what you do with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, writing, sales, interviews, offers, and agreements in general, so lean this way. Authority figures, career needs or personal goals may be a bit crazy this week with a wild-card or two coming at you so stay on your toes here. From Friday onward you get a 30 day spotlight on your creativity, fun, kids, and lovers/love life. This encourages you to step up and get more personally or physically involved, allowing you to shine, so shine!


Leo, it’s been a while since the issues started or you felt compelled to push harder over some big decision, agreement, sale, writing project, matter involving your sibling, neighbor, vehicles, electronics, interviews, auditions, short trips, offers, talks, or the meetings. This began around September 10th and now this week you’ll hit the last big push over some of these topics and what you can do about the job, co-worker, hired help, paperwork, health, or pets in the mix, so hit the ground running. You have a pretty stellar week when it comes to what you’re doing with your possessions, purchases or income. As far as any legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding plans, it’s a wild anything-goes kind of week so on your toes. New focus on home, family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, or real estate deals kicks in on Friday and puts a spotlight on you over the next 30 days, a great time to take the lead and get involved, you should be pleased with what occurs here.


Virgo, it first climaxed back around September 10th and since then you’ve been doing your best to figure out the next step when it comes to those possessions, your income or the purchases. This week will bring it to the last peak moment as you work out what’s going on here involving the creative project, kids, lover, or recreational pursuit in the mix, so plan on communicating about it, hearing about it or making some big decisions so you can move past the challenges. As far as the energy aimed at you this week, it’s pretty lovely, with good things coming to you or within reach when it comes to your body, image, brand, title, name, or personal needs. The wild-card of your week is revolving around your 8th house so sex, divorce, reproduction, outside financial matters, or third party interests can be up or down and may bring a surprise or two. New Solar energy arrives on Friday to put a spotlight on talks, agreements, sales, writing, offers, interviews, short trips, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions over the next 30 days. This favors you showing up and getting more involved, taking the lead and standing out.


Libra, I’m not sure if you’ve been going through something powerful that has been affecting you physically or if you’ve been rethinking your image, brand, title, name, or some personal need since things heated up around September 10th but this week you’ll hit the last big moment with it and figure out what’s to overcome or come regarding your home, move, renovations, family, parent, roommate, or real estate deal, this should answer your question. You have some pretty groovy energy playing out behind the scenes which favors research, rest, recuperation, healing, hospitals, romance, artistry, and spiritual practices so retreat to these interests. I foresee at least one crazy moment with a key relationship in your week ahead, be that the partner, client, specialist, competitor, representative, or other player, you will likely get a surprise or see something new or changing here. Once the Sun moves into your 2nd house on Friday you enter into a 30 day cycle that puts you front and center with income, purchases and possessions. This is a good time for you to get more involved and take the lead, you should get noticed.


Scorpio, all the way back to September 10th you were taking on something big behind the scenes that involved at least one other key player, perhaps several, and it has been an ongoing challenge since. This week you hit the last peak with this matter and will figure out what to do next when it comes to the agreement, sales, writing, interviews, offers, meetings, talks, ideas, or decisions in the mix. The really great energy flow for you this week ahead is all about the friends, groups, internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, events, parties, social networking, or your aspirations, aim high. When it comes to any crazy stuff going on, that surprise, shock or last minute change, expect it to arrive via your work, a co-worker, someone you’ve hired, a health matter, pet, or the paperwork, be on your toes and in the moment. The Solar energy is aiming it’s beams of light into Scorpio starting on Friday and will stay here for the next 30 days, a wonderful gift to you that puts the spotlight on you, your image, brand, body, title, name, and personal interests, it’s time to get in there and put yourself out there!


Sagittarius, you’ve been in the midst of something intense regarding a friend, gathering, event, party, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or your own aspirations since things got heated up back on September 10th. In the week ahead you’ll hit the last big push or challenge here and figure out what you need to do about the income, possessions or purchases in the mix. You do have some pretty stellar energy around your career momentum, reputation, fame, personal goals, or something involving an authority figure like the boss, parent or judge, look here for an easier flow. The excitement, surprise or changes this week will tend to play out around a lover, child, the creative project, or something recreational so keep it loose here and stay in the moment. With the Sun’s arrival in your 12th house on Friday you kick into a 30 day cycle that will put you front and center when it comes to any artistic projects, romantic connection, healing, hospital need, rest, spiritual practices, or research and development. You should plan on showing up and getting more involved, taking the lead pays off.


Capricorn, some goal has most likely been consuming you on a personal or physical level since things were said or heard way back around September 10th. This week you’ll hit the last big push or challenge in talks, meetings, news, agreements, sales, writing, offers, or decisions here and how this is going to affect you, your name, title, body, image, brand, or personal needs. Since Pluto is involved expect this to help you over the last hump when it comes to any financial, sexual, reproductive, divorce, mortality, or third party matter tied to it. You do have some pretty lovely energy around love or money interests that will come via any trips, people at a distance, legalities, media, marketing, education, wedding, religion, or politics in place. As far as crazy energy with ups, downs, twists, turns, surprises, excitement, or change, well that seems to arrive involving home, real estate, moves, renovations, family, parents, or roommates. Once the Sun moves into your social zone on Friday you enter into a 30 day cycle that puts you center stage with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, or your personal aspirations. Take this as your cue to show up and get more involved.


Aquarius, the talks, news or decisions coming this week regarding a trip, person at a distance, legal matter, wedding, educational pursuit, media or marketing interest, religious belief, or political topic, have had their roots in something that was peaking all the way back around September 10th. This is your last big push here and it will show you what’s up regarding a secret, clandestine romance, romantic getaway, artistic project, spiritual practice, hospital matter, the addiction, healing, research, or development. On the other hand, you seem to have some great moments when it comes to the big financial picture, your sex life, a reproductive need, divorce, or third party situation, go with the flow. The crazy energy this week involves a particular meeting or talk or it might be about a sibling, neighbor, short trip, the writing, sales, interview, vehicles, electronics, or agreement, so expect some ups and downs here. Once the Sun moves into your 10th house on Friday you’ll have the next 30 days to throw yourself more personally or physically into your goals, career and anything involving authority figures like the boss, parent or judge. You should stand out and find you’re noticed in this so be proactive.


Pisces, you’ve been in the thick of it since September 10th trying to talk things out, come to terms, hear what you need to hear, or make some decisions about a sexual connection, reproductive need, mortality issue, divorce, financial matter, or third party situation. This week you can expect it to peak for the last big time here and show you what you need to know to push harder or deal with any last challenges with these themes and the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, gathering, or personal aspiration in the mix. You have some groovy energy playing out with a partner, client, specialist, representative, or other key relationship this week so lean into the flow here. The wild and unpredictable energy will focus in on possessions, purchases or income so expect a few ups and downs, surprises or changes. Once the Solar energy takes hold in your 9th house on Friday you’ll have 30 days to show up and get more involved in any travel, legal, educational, wedding, media, marketing, religious, or political pursuit, a time when you can stand above the rest and meet your needs more easily.

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