Weekly horoscopes January 26-February 1 by Zoe Moon


Don’t underestimate the time you need to hole up and hide out and go deeper on something important that you are incubating now. This week is your opportunity to get in touch with your inspiration, to follow your muse into new territory when it comes to your artistry, to take the time to re-engage your romantic side or get back into your spiritual practice. If you need to heal, rest, recuperate, research, or get to a hospital, again this week asks that you give yourself a fresh boost. Take some of this time to focus on your aspirations in the mix and to connect with friends, groups or your internet projects since you have more momentum here to gather up any past ideas, reconnect and work out issues, revise opportunities, and move forward. You turn the corner on Friday as things seem to be finite or clear in some new way.


You always seem to be steadily moving forward with your own agenda Taurus but this week in particular is super important for focusing those aspirations and then involving friends, groups, the internet, or gatherings to take them to the next level. It is a week where YOUR imagination and inspiration will drive this so take the time to incubate ideas and bounce them off of your comrades, look at ways to get your artistry or healing energy out there or find time for spiritual or romantic interests in the mix. This is the week when I expect you will turn a corner, by Friday, when it comes to your career or goals you’ve set in motion. Take the lead and let those in positions to help you up see what you are made of, it’s all about your reputation building and recognition. Remember that revising, reworking or reconnecting with past opportunities or issues is part of this forward momentum.


There is a new wind blowing when it comes to what you really want to achieve in life. Sounds big, I know, but if ever there was a moment to look at your big personal goals, career and how you interact with the boss (do you want to be your own boss?), the parent (are you becoming the responsible party?) or any other person who is in a position of authority and how things are shifting in this dynamic, this is it. What will set you apart in these matters or motivate results here is your imagination, artistry, spiritual or healing approach, the way you approach the institution or research, or the romantic needs the drive the situation forward. This week will bring a turning point, by Friday, when it comes to the details you’ve been drawn back to involving legal matters, travel plans, educational pursuits, media or marketing ideas, or weddings. Do take the time to talk to and re-engage others about your needs, past issues and opportunities, you should be revising, releasing or reclaiming something here.


Please trust your instincts when it comes to what is transpiring in legal affairs, with media or marketing ideas, your educational pursuits, the wedding, or any travel plans this week. You are tuned into the vault, inspired and led by an ability to intuit the right direction forward, to look at any hidden agendas or people who could work against your interests in these matters in any secretive ways, as well as the healing potential or ways a hospital or retreat could play into things. You can also apply this to how the romantic getaways or spiritual direction or research can aid your aims in these matters. You WILL hit a turning point this week when it comes to anything still hanging out there or left undone in financially shared arenas, with divorce themes, your sex life, mortality issues, reproductive needs, or third party matters. To that end communicate over past issues or opportunities and get things wrapped up or revised, especially agreements, sales, writing, meetings, and talks about it.


I am thinking you are about to get very inspired when it comes to one of these matters; your sex life, a big financial matter, the divorce, or some third party situation you are involved in at the moment. Think fresh energy here and bring your imagination to life, get romantic or bring your spiritual attitude to bear, seek healing, deal with institutions, or allow your artistic talents and projects to influence forward motion here. You will find yourself at a turning point by Friday when it comes to your past or some long-standing topic involving a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, client, or other key relationship. To that end make sure you are going over any issues or old ideas or opportunities with them and see if you can revise, release or reclaim something here, talk about it! If agreements, sales, writing, offers, or ideas can be re-evaluated with them, ditto.


Yes, you are being guided at this point and that means it is either time to move forward with the healing/hospital matter, romantic or spiritual interest, artistic project or research need with your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or in dealing with the competition. So what is your gut telling you? Have you had a dream or seen a sign? Is there something you are feeling that inspires you with them? Follow your heart. You are going to have a turning point this week, by Friday, when it comes to the ongoing or past health need, a work issue or interest, the paperwork, your pets/animals, a co-worker, or the people you hire. To that end make sure you are revisiting any agreements, offers, issues, or opportunities so you may release, rework or reclaim things that will work for you going forward, you are ready for a turnaround.


This week is leading you towards something inspiring on the work front, with a health issue or interest, the paperwork, a co-worker, someone you hire, or the pets. You have fresh energy all over this so work with the cosmos to bring your talents, vision, research, development, healing, hospital interests, spiritual practices, or romantic ideals to bear on the situation. You are also at a turning point, by Friday, when it comes to past or ongoing issues, opportunities, people, or situations that revolve around your creative projects, the kids, a lover, your love life, or anything recreational. Make sure you are talking, meeting, reviewing agreements, offers, sales, writing, interviews/auditions, or decisions and revamping, releasing or reclaiming as you see necessary.


Your muse is in the house, take advantage of this in your week ahead to get inspired on that creative project and introduce some fresh energy here. You may also see progress in imaginative or healing ways involving your love life, children or recreational interests. If you get a strong feeling, have a dream or get a sign pointing you in a certain direction, follow through and see where it takes you. It’s a week of synchronicity and a bit of Fated potential in these matters. You will find yourself at a turning point by Friday with any past people, situations, issues, or opportunities involving your home, security, real estate, family, parent, roommates, move, or renovation.


The week ahead holds a lot of promise for you if you are working on anything artistic or spiritual in the home or tied to real estate, family, moves, renovations, or with parents or roommates. You will also see inspiration around any healing, hospital matters, research, or romantic needs in these rooted areas of life. Follow your gut or if you just feel like hiding out and resting here, you deserve the break. You will reach a turning point by Friday when it comes to an agreement, sale, your writing, an offer, interview, audition, or anything going on with siblings, neighbors, electronics, vehicles, short trips, or your local activities. To that end keep looking at those past situations or people and revise, release or reclaim what you can so you may move ahead.


You are in full-on muse and inspiration mode this week when it comes to your ideas (follow them where they lead you), any writing you are doing, the agreements, sales, interviews, auditions, meetings, talks, offers, or anything going on with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or your decisions. Bring your artistry, romantic needs, spiritual approach, healing, hospital needs, or research to bear on fresh starts in these areas. You will reach a turning point by Friday with choices you are going back over involving your income, possessions or purchases. To that end make sure you are reviewing or rethinking things, talking to those past people or engaging past opportunities, and releasing any blockages or reinventing where you are in the mix.


You have more working for you this week via some Fated moments, inspired direction and your muse and it is all focusing in on ways to make money, the items you buy, your purchasing potential, or anything you are doing with your possessions. Bring your artistic talents or project to bear or tie in spiritual practices, romantic getaways, healing, hospitals, or research to move ahead in imaginative ways. You will reach a turning point by Friday when it comes to your own situation/needs. Think about what you want, your body, image, brand, name, title, or signature on something and then make sure you spend your week revisiting anything past to release, reconnect, revise, or rethink. It’s forward you go once you turn this corner.


I encourage you to get in touch with what is really brewing inside of you this week, Pisces. You have cosmic support behind your artistry, spiritual interests, romantic needs, healing, hospital interests, or research that could lead you into fresh territory on a personal or physical level or that could affect your identity, name, title, brand, or image moving forward. Listen to the dreams, signs and inner voice that is calling you towards what really inspires you to be more. You will reach a turning point by Friday when it comes to rethinking any past agreements, decisions, offers, proposals, auditions, interviews, sales, writing, meetings, talks, or ideas in the mix. Much of what will move you forward is tied into your getting this right so go back over things, communicate with past people or about past situations and rework what you can, release or reclaim the rest.

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