Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 8th to 14th: You might be in your feelings more than normal

We have a busy Virgo season this week with many different energies pulling us all across the board. Our energy is dynamic and ambitious, but we also find ourselves dreaming and being more romantic than usual. If you have a tendency to fall in the trap of wanting to fix and rescue others, this week might highlight that and help you overcome it. On the other hand, our communication is softer and sweeter than usual, and we find ourselves feeling empowered by our capacity to be assertive in our softness. We also have some very hardworking energy at play and some more relaxing time. It’s going to be an overall wholesome week for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


You are hard at work, Aries, and there is nothing stopping you. Do note that burning out is not sexy and that there is such a thing as working too hard. If you want to keep on being productive and efficient, learning how to give yourself a break is the smartest way to go about it.


You might feel a tiny bit emotional and out of control this week. You might have an excess of emotions and you could feel either head over heels or overly attached. Do pay attention to whether or not you feel love or attachment, and if necessary, spend some time alone to refill your cup.


It’s a week of potential excess (or recovering after some excesses) for you, Gemini. You might find that what you wish to happen isn’t necessarily manifesting as you want, and this week the main piece of advice is to be careful what you wish for. Perhaps before you get to see the results you want, the main vibe is to actually spend some time within yourself. Ask yourself: “What is it that I truly want, and what will make me feel fulfilled?”


It’s a reflective week for you, Cancer. You have a lot of intellectual energy going on, but you’re advised not to rush, not to make impulsive decisions, and to take your sweet time to ponder things. Yes, you—who has a tendency to overthink—are encouraged to think things through. But this week is not about restless worries; it’s more about quiet contemplation.


This week is focused on the matters of values and integrity. What do you value, what is outside of your moral compass, and what rule can you bend a little bit? You might find yourself at a crossroads this week, especially when it comes to money and relationships, asking: “Should I do it, or is it wrong?” The answer lies within you.


Me, me, me, and me. Finally, some selfish time for you, Virgo. We know how dedicated you are to helping others, but this week it’s all about you and your selfish needs—which is perfectly okay. Your energy is not very collaborative and you’re not necessarily in the mood to accommodate others. Stay away from teamwork as much as possible; you’re better off as a solo captain this week.


Ah, Libra. This week’s mood is “waking away.” A tad emo this week, you’re spending more time by yourself and contemplating your choices. The times where you settled for less than what you wanted and deserved are behind you, but there is a bit of a sad note to that fact. This is temporary, so heal your sorrow, because your season approaches.


You might experience some worries this week in regards to friendships and groups. You could feel isolated, as if you did not belong or as if no one else could help you, but that’s not true. Don’t fall into that mindset and remember that help is within reach. You just have to be willing to look around and extend a hand.


It’s a very abundant week for you, Sagittarius. All is well in the world: You feel good, money is abundant, love feels abundant, and if you have kids, you feel super connected to them. Enjoy this blessed week.


You have to lead by example if you want others to follow you, Capricorn. How can they trust you to be their leader if you’re erratic and impulsive? This week is about facing your shadow and all the parts of your personality you find less than stellar. But it’s a necessary process in order to make your vision come true.


Hey, love bird. This week some romantic news or a romantic message could come your way, and you’re in the mood to flirt and open yourself up to it. It’s a good week for love, for being honest, and for being straightforward about your emotions.


This week is quite marvelous for you, Pisces. You’re manifesting your perfect partner, perfect love, and perfect family, and you feel overall blessed in your family cell. It can be a time of ending or a time of new beginning. But whatever the situation is, your happiness is to be found in it.

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