Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 29th to October 5th: There’s a reason you can’t stop thinking about the past

We are officially in Libra season, a.k.a. cuffing season. But this week, you might feel like your mind is much more on your obligations and past deeds than on love. We have a lot of major players, such as Saturn and Pluto touching and Venus and Mercury in Libra. We might not feel particularly light this week.

It’s a time for reason, justice, intelligence, and collaboration. Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


Relationships are most definitely your focus this week. But you could find yourself wrapped up more in business and professional relationships than romantic ones. This is a time during which you have a lot of energy, but it’s not necessarily easy to navigate. You could experience enhanced conflicts and enhanced fears at this time. I know you’re fearless, Aries, but this week is a little uphill for you. Remain grounded in the present as much as you can.


Libra season for you, Taurus, is an extra dash of Venus. You’re right in your element. This week is about self-care for you. You’re right where you like it: in your routine and in your habits that make you feel happy and cared for. This week is about relaxation and abundance. That doesn’t mean you won’t be busy at work; you might very well be. But you’ll know naturally how to balance your work/life and care for yourself. Enjoy!


This week is all about the ego, Gemini. As much as the energy is positive for you, you might end up being quick to fight with others due to ego-based energies. Watch for this tendency to fall into tantrum-like arguments and remember to validate yourself first and foremost. Besides that pitfall, it’s a great week to do things YOU love to do. Take that salsa class, record that podcast, and go on that date.


There’s so much extrovert energy that you’re a bit overwhelmed, Cancer. This week is about reparenting yourself, caring for yourself, and getting back to basics—things like cooking a good meal or cleaning the house. The more you focus on being a good parent to yourself, the more you’ll retrieve your balance. Take time with your family if that makes you feel cared for, but also remember to care for yourself, too. Not that you can’t enjoy a good social life, but pay attention to how you feel and address it accordingly.


You’re in your feels this week, Leo. It sounds like you could be ruminating about the past, thinking about a past situation or a past love of your childhood. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to reminisce, but remember to live in the present, too. Sometimes the past is a wonderful tool for understanding what’s going on in the now, but you run the risk of being in your head excessively this week. Remember to live.


This week, you are focused on the matters of materiality. You’re going after a raise, a promotion, or simply feeling a bit of shopping fever. Another thing you could be focused on this week is the matter of your personal values—and you should be. Defining what is important to you will help you be more grounded and help you achieve your material goals.


Happy birthday, Libra! This week is a bit difficult. You’re asked to keep your cool, maintain your self-control, and remain brave no matter what obstacle comes up. If you’re looking for a new home, you could feel restricted and delayed. But remain strong; things will unlock later on. There might be a couple bumps on the road during this Libra season, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Stay strong and keep your head high; after the storm comes the rainbow.


Sounds like you have your mind on love lately, Scorpio. You might have even met someone dreamy—or are you simply trying to manifest this? In any case, do pay attention to red flags and false pretenses. Right now, you’re dreamy and romantic. That doesn’t hurt for your fairly cynical mind, but you’re more likely to not see things for what they are, which is something you dread. You’re asked to find the right balance between dreaming and having your eyes open.


Your mind is on work quite a bit lately. If you have made a lot of efforts to reach the kind of success you aim for, this marks the end of your struggles. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You could also be focused on developing friendships and connections this week; it’s a good time to get out and make friends. If you’re looking for love, look into groups and look online.


You’re manifesting the life of your dreams, and it’s working. This week is about working really hard and going after your professional goals. If you’re in a relationship, your mate might complain about how hard you work. If you’re single, now is probably not the best time to look for someone. Business first.


You’re actually pretty emotional this week, as you’re looking for truth within you and others. It’s a time focused on feelings. You could be seeking to reach out to someone you have in your heart or someone from the past. There’s an element of secrecy this week.


You have your mind on relationships quite a bit this week, Pisces. You’re seeking stability and grounding, and also more financial/material stability. If you’re looking for a partner (either business or romantic), focus on whether or not this person is grounded, stable, and trustworthy. Be careful of appearances—you might encounter situations and people who look much more stable than they truly are.

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