Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 22nd to 28th: Certain signs are feeling extra emotional this week

This week is an interesting one. Saturn turned direct on September 18th, Libra season starts on September 23rd, and both events create a lot of mental energy for us. The vibe is rational, grounded, and logical. This week might not feel particularly exciting, but we’re making longterm decisions—ones that are rewarding in the long run.

Relationships are present more than ever in our minds this week. Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


This week is not about winning and getting all of the awards. It’s about dropping the ego and focusing on collaborating with others. Share your energy and your spotlight. Let other people participate. Talk, provide, and listen.


This week is about exploring your options, starting over, and planning a brand-new path. The possibilities are endless—literally. You have lots of energy to dedicate to both your personal and professional life this week, and life might suddenly feel like blank canvas. What do you feel like painting?


This week, the main word for you is “cooperation.” Maybe you’re meeting up with friends, learning a new craft, studying, or collaborating on a project. What’s for sure is that you’re not supposed to go at things alone; you need other people’s knowledge and help to work on your goals. The more humble you can be, the more rewards you’ll get.


This week is rather introverted for you, Cancer. You might have particular goals, ideas, and emotions that you’re just not ready to share, and that’s okay. Hang tight with them for a while, nurse them, and keep them with you until you’re ready to move forward.


It’s quite the emotional week for you, Leo. You’re called to reflect on what’s in your heart and you’re asked to learn how to regulate your emotions—and not to act rashly. You’re not likely to; it sounds like you have things under wraps this week. But do expect to feel quite emotional.


There seems to be some financial frustration this week, Virgo. It looks like some things which you were hoping would bring fruits aren’t going to—at least not now. Your overall mood is feeling like you have invested so much and didn’t get nearly enough to make up for your time and energy. This energy can be applied to love affairs as well. It’s your call whether or not you should pull the plug, so choose wisely.


The world is your oyster, Libra. You have many options around you—or so you think. You’re very dreamy this week about relationships, but perhaps also unrealistic. If you’re single, you might be on a dating app or getting lots of potential mates. Do choose carefully which ones are worthy of your attention. Don’t get swept off your feet by a false knight.


It’s such a fun week for you, Scorpio. Celebrations, events with friends, community—you have it all this week. Enjoy this very joyful time and be sure to be out and about with your friends. Who knows what surprise might arrive?


You’re completely confused and lost this week, Sagittarius. It sounds like there’s a full-blown war between your mind and your heart. Who will win? No one will if you can’t trust yourself. Focus on retrieving your inner balance and your sense of self-trust.


You could be missing out on some blessings because of your determination to focus on your losses. It’s good to mourn and grieve, but it’s also important to cultivate gratitude. Ask yourself this week if your thoughts and feelings are based on facts or on perspectives. And, if necessary, make a switch.


You’re trying to keep it all up, but there are too many things on your plate—especially financially. You can’t be chasing different goals. Instead, you need to focus on one thing, and one thing only this week. Make sure you know your priorities.


This week is a bit confusing for you, Pisces. You could be deceived by yourself, by your emotions, or by someone else. Make sure you’re grounded and make sure you have friends to talk to if you’re feeling down. Sometimes, externalizing what’s going on inside helps you gain some perspective.

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