Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 1st to 7th: Step out of your comfort zone and roll with the punches

This week we are in full-blown Virgo season, and the energy is indicative of hard work and healing—quite a program. Things are going to be fairly stable all week, and you can expect a perfect mix of discipline and escapism. That’s the best of what Virgo has to offer, after all.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


You might feel a bit isolated this week and like you have too much on your plate to have a good work-life balance. Your advice is to take care of yourself and watch for signs of exhaustion. Spend some time alone to heal yourself and do the necessary work before you step out in the world again.


This week you’re asked to let down your guard a little bit. How much? Just enough to have the fun you actually want to have. You can have a tendency to guard your heart and be a little bit paranoid, Taurus. Do know that you’re encouraged by the universe to step out of your comfort zone and let yourself have fun. A romantic encounter might even be a step away.


It sounds like you have been a bit imbalanced lately. This week, you’re asked to spend some time licking your wounds, retrieving your balance, and focusing more on your own self than on anything or anyone else. Your astrology shows a strong need to nurture yourself and provide for yourself emotionally. Don’t rely on anyone else this week; it’s time to fill your own cup.


You’re at a time of crisis. It’s been a tough year for your zodiac sign, and this week is rather transformative. But in order to achieve the transformation you desire, you have to let go of whatever you’ve been holding on to. Accept a loss, because through it, you’ll find much greater satisfaction on the other side.


Are we being a little stubborn this week, Leo? Your advice is to remember to be flexible, malleable, and to not get stuck in your ways. This advice is going to help you achieve more growth financially, so be on the lookout for the ways you limit yourself through fixed mindsets. You could receive disappointing news this week, possibly related to money. If that’s the case, remember: flex-i-bil-i-ty.


Even though it’s your sign, this energy bomb of Virgo-ness is a bit too much for you to take. You may feel dissatisfied, frantic, and too aware of all of your perceived flaws. This means it’s time to give yourself a break. On the bright side, you do have a whole lot of energy at your disposal this week, and you might overachieve. But chances are you might not be able to appreciate it, since your energy is very focused on “what’s wrong” right now. Be mindful of this and do what you can to counteract it.


You might feel surprisingly passionate, want to impulsively follow a new shiny object, or show uncharacteristic enthusiasm for a new person or situation. Do be careful of hasty situations. Now is a time where you aren’t super grounded or realistic, and as much as passion is encouraged, you’re also asked to see things for what they are: unstable. Don’t commit to things too early.


This is a time of extreme mental clarity for you, Scorpio. Everyone is disturbed by this heavy Virgo season. But with your willingness to constantly transform your life and yourself, coupled with the extreme self-awareness of Virgo, you’re ready to rise from the ashes and become a brand-new person. Rely on your inner knowledge to make decisions; your vision is crystal clear.


This week is challenging for you, Sagittarius. You’re not at peace with this Virgo energy. You feel too excitable, are lacking in focus, and are having a difficult time seeing clearly. You’re asked to focus on being more mentally flexible. You do not know everything, and you can benefit from allowing others to show you their points of view. If you can drop your tendency to speak over others, you might find that people with significantly different perspectives from yours can bring you light bulb moments.


You’re at a time of complete transformation. You’ll find that a lot of hidden factors, both in your life and also within you, are coming to the surface. Because you’re gaining knowledge of things that were previously hidden from you, you’re capable of significantly transforming your life, your finances, and yourself. You might be a completely different person by the end of the week!


Significant and unexpected changes might occur in your life—especially in your relationships and in any agreements or contracts you might have. Just know that this week can have elements of instability, so go with the flow if hiccups occur.


This energy is a bit confusing for you, especially when it comes to relationships. You might be particularly focused on them, but do use restraint and move slowly, as you could find yourself making hasty choices that end up disappointing you. This week, you’re better off focusing on yourself.

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