Your HelloGiggles horoscope, October 6th to 12th: Unexpected surprises are coming your way

We’re in the midst of a particularly serious Libra season. We’re reflecting on our relationships, seeking truth and authenticity, and going to great lengths to make sure everyone gets their fair share. But the energy is picking up this week.

Venus is in Scorpio opposite Uranus, which creates unexpected twists and turns when it comes to love and finances. We could have a few surprises this week. But ultimately, things will feel lighter as we progress toward the weekend. Hold on tight.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


This week is filled with lots of communication, social contacts, and possibly swift changes in your relationships. It’s a good time to regenerate yourself, meet new people, and change your perspective. Do note that you could feel a bit mentally restless and plan accordingly if necessary.


You could be overstretching yourself, Taurus. This week, you’re all about work, work, work, and work. But it’s important that you prioritize rest and self-care—as you know how to so well. This week could lead to burnout. Don’t ignore the signs, and delegate as much as you can.


This week is productive intellectually, but there can be a sense of exhaustion. There is so much airy energy, you could find yourself spinning your wheels endlessly. Accept a defeat or a loss if you experience one. And, overall, let go of things that are leaving you. That’s not to say this week is particularly negative. It’s more that you’re learning to let things be and not spin your wheels endlessly.


Cancer, there COULD be trouble in your relationships this week. That, and a sense of not be satisfied or not having the fulfillment you’re seeking. If that is the case, then this week is a great moment to reflect and consider the courses of action you can take to correct this situation. If this doesn’t apply, then the week points to a simple greater focus on family, relationships, and how to feel more nurtured emotionally.


This week, there is a sense of, “Where is my stability and what are my foundations?” You want to feel a sense of family and home, and that these are strong foundations you can rely on. But you could find it difficult to either have it or appreciate it this week. It’s a good time to ask yourself what it is you seek family-wise and home-wise. In other words: What do you consider important in terms of values?


You’re spinning your wheels, Virgo. You could make yourself worried sick by ruminating, hanging onto things, and worrying about the future. You need to be in the present moment. I know it’s easier said than done, but that is your order of the week.


Who’s this? Libra, you’re leaving baggage behind. You’re dumping the pain, and you’re ready to move forward. There’s a sense of renewal, of freeing yourself from past pain that was heavy to carry—which allows you to move forward more confidently. A lot of that is connected to feelings of unworthiness, which you are working on. Keep it up.


You are passionate for sure this week, but be careful not to be hasty and impulsive. There is a possible vibe of recklessness this week to watch for. It’s good to be passionate, but perhaps think twice before throwing yourself into a new relationship or endeavor. There’s also the possibility you’ll be confronted with people who play games this week, so watch out for that.


You could be grieving some losses this week, Sagittarius, either big or small. There is an overall vibe of needing to stop and experience your emotions, have a good cry, and experience the sadness. You can’t always be rushing ahead (something you’re good at), and this week is all about feeling and contemplating.


You have a vision in mind, Capricorn, and nothing will stand in your way to get it. Now is a time to manifest, set intentions, and set high goals—and live up to them. You’re quite the charismatic leader this week and will have a frank, straightforward attitude, which will impress others. Lead by example.


Some serious offers could be coming your way this week, Aquarius. Or is it you who has stability and security to offer? Whether it’s in love or finances, you have long-term goals and your eyes are on the prize. Don’t settle for instant gratification.


You’re in for a major transformation this week, Pisces. And the less you resist, the less difficult it is. If you feel like some destructive forces are at play, it’s really for your higher good. Use your natural capacity to flow to overcome these challenges.

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