Your HelloGiggles horoscope, October 27th to November 2nd: Mercury is turning retrograde

This week is going to be a spooky one. Expect many twists and turns as we ride the waves of today’s new moon in Scorpio and Mercury turning retrograde on October 31st. The vibe is deep, yet filled with many surprises. If you’ve been feeling like you want things to change and take a new turn, now is the time to make it happen.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


You have been quite focused on partnerships as of late. This vibe of relating, collaborating, and partnering is still strong. But this week, your focus is starting to shift from the matters of partnerships to the matters of security and stability. For example, you could focus on how committed you are or what kind of commitment you’re seeking. Or, you could focus on more serious and grounded topics like family, money, and the foundations you rely on to feel safe and maintain consistent growth. The vibe is serious right now, Aries. No more joking around!


This week, the vibe could be about overcoming a recent disappointment. You might decide to refocus entirely on your work or to revisit a past relationship that left a bitter taste in your mouth. Now is a good time to ask yourself what kind of expectations you carry, in romance and in life, that might be preventing you from achieving the life you wish for.


Your vibe this week is “plot twist.” Things are going to move quite quickly for you, and you should welcome any change in your life with open arms. The universe is orchestrating a new path for you, so adapt as much as you can, as these changes are positive for you and your growth.


This week is very positive for you, Cancer. You can expect collaboration and heart-to-heart connection in your work and in your love affairs. The more you focus on being communicative and open about what’s in your heart, the more you’ll find that your wishes effortlessly come true. You have been working hard at some projects for some time now, and this week, you can expect completion.


This Scorpio new moon falls in your house sector. You could be experiencing some changes in your home, which could be difficult or conflictual. It’s possible that you’re due for a change of housing—something that might cause you to worry. If you are looking to move, expect to find something very soon. However, it might be out of your budget or cause financial worries. Proceed with caution.


This new moon in Scorpio is positive for you and brings big news. This week you could decide to step up your game, whether in your relationship, family, or living situation. You’re ready to make things official and move ahead with some matter that involves the law—maybe a contract of some sort. Keep your eyes on the prize.


It’s a manifesting week for you, Libra. What is it that you wish? The universe is granting your dreams, especially when it comes to real estate and finances. You can expect new beginnings that come to you seemingly by magic. It’s a good time for extra money, an investment, and an overall “feel good” moment during which your sense of worthiness is increased.


Happy birthday, Scorpio! With this new moon hitting your sign, you’re experiencing an extra dose of Scorpio-ness. And as you know, this energy, although powerful, is often filled with painful transformations. This week is no exception for you. You could be experiencing feelings of loss, pain, or betrayal, particularly in your relationships. As you know so well, each difficulty on your path ultimately brings you power, strength, and resiliency. So do not despair if you find yourself in the midst of a curveball this week. Your focus is on personal power, assertion, and redefining yourself.


The truth shall set you free, Sagittarius. This week is about the truth coming to the forefront and gaining clarity about matters that left you confused or in the dark. Expect secrets to dissolve and a strong sense of finally knowing what kept you out of the loop. Armed with this newfound knowledge, new beginnings are very possible for you this week.


This week is one of waiting, Capricorn. You’ve already made your moves, and now you’re waiting for things to come to fruition. There isn’t much more for you to do beyond what you already did; wait for the seeds to blossom, as the harvest is close. Your focus will be on your career this week, and you’re waiting on recognition for past moves and actions.


Fiery Aquarius, you could be feeling antsy and impatient this week. Do remember that everything meant to come your way will eventually come. If you feel a sense of urgency, ask yourself where it is coming from. Is it truly impatience and excitement, or is it something else? Slow down a bit; in your enthusiasm, you could miss a few important steps or red flags.


It’s going to be a profoundly transformative week for you, Pisces. You could be receiving one too many offers or have too many things on your plate—perhaps chasing too many rabbits financially or in your career. It’s important that you focus on discipline, delegation, prioritization, and organization. You run the risk of spreading yourself too thin this week, so make sure you know what’s important and urgent, and what isn’t.

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