Your Weekly Horoscope, October 25th to October 31st: An Earthquake of Impulsive Energy Will Occur on Halloween

It truly will be the spookiest day of the year.

This weekly horoscope‘s celestial vibe is more chill and less chaotic, with the exception of the energy on Halloween, which is off the charts. The Scorpio sun links up with Mercury retrograde (in the same sign) on October 25th, making it the best day of the planetary moonwalk. If you have any big plans or decisions to make, try to schedule them on this day for the best outcome.

Mercury retrograde and Venus both enter Libra on October 27th, prioritizing love and relationships. The rare full blue moon occurs on October 31st, the same day as the sun and Uranus opposition (the sun is in Scorpio and Uranus is retrograde in Taurus). All of the cosmic action on Halloween will make you feel erratic and impulsive—making it the spookiest day and night of the year.  

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


You have become more intimate with your partner over the past few weeks. Now you’re learning how to take the recent growth and use it to create a more cohesive relationship. It will be hard to adjust—but if you’re 100% invested, then your S.O. will be, too.  


Put your energy into course-correcting matters where you believe you may have been wrong. While you may think that you’re always right, you are coming to see that your stubbornness and inflexibility is hindering you from doing what’s just. Think of this as your chance to make good on matters.  


Before you push yourself to the maximum limit, ask yourself if it’s worth it. What you’ll come to find is that you don’t have to exert all of your energies into work or relationships. Give some of that energy back to yourself. Don’t be scared or embarrassed to be selfish.  


It’s time for you to get your flirt on! Roll up your sleeves and start looking for a new boo. Or, if you are in a situationship, it’s time for you to define the relationship. You both may decide to level up the commitment in an effort to become closer.  


A shakeup at work is making you struggle with the next direction of your career. Before you take the plunge into a new opportunity, make sure that you actually want to take on that venture. You may decide to chill and sort matters out before moving forward in any way.  


Stop giving your all to every situation and relationship. Lean into normalizing your imperfections and give yourself a little slack. The cosmic lesson of the week is that you do not have to win first place in all of your endeavors; you just have to try your hardest right now.  


A giver by nature, you hate saying “no” to others. This week, you are seeing that you need to implement boundaries with others before they take more than they give to you. Setting limits will ensure that you’re not being taken for granted and instead are only appreciated by those you care about.  


A few of the intimate relationships in your life could use a little attention now. Instead of putting your partner’s needs on the back burner, try to make them a priority. Show them that you care by doing something nice or sending a friendly text to brighten up their week.  


Be forewarned: Keep a lock on all of the secret matters that you wish to keep hidden this week. An accidental communication slip-up will let a clandestine situation come to light. Keep conversations with friends cute, short, and sweet to ensure they don’t get too deep and revealing.  


Use this week’s cosmic energy to make amends and connect with old friends. Check in with those you haven’t spoken to in a while in an effort to reconcile your differences. You will find that you want to work on the relationship. Tread lightly before committing to elevating the friendship.  


Your personal life will feel as though it’s more chaotic than ever, making you lean into your career. While you may find solace in putting in overtime at the office, it’s important to find balance. This will ensure that you do not burn your batteries out.  


It takes time and energy to make everything right in life. And, contrary to what you may be thinking, change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. If you ebb and flow by giving your attention to situations that matter, then you’ll have more time to dedicate to your personal evolution.  

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