Your HelloGiggles horoscope, October 20th to 26th: You may be feeling addicted to someone right now—here’s why

Are you ready for Scorpio season? This week we have Venus, Mercury, and Sun in the sign of Scorpio. We’re going to reach really deeply into ourselves and into others, trying to uncover truth, depth, and meaning. Don’t worry if you get a little obsessed; the energy is influencing us to experience this. It will be hard for everyone not to fall in the trap of feeling addicted to and/or haunted by someone or something.

Are you feeling enough Scorpio yet? We’ll get even more of it during the Scorpio New Moon on October 27th. Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


Relationships are everything for you this week. The energy is entirely focused on your collaborations, partnerships, and relationships, and you can expect sudden new beginnings or endings when it comes to them. You’re seeking more authenticity and more freedom—perhaps a less traditional approach. Go for it.


You are not in any rush to get anywhere. You’re dedicated to getting the things you want no matter the cost, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how much energy needs to be invested in it. This new moon in Scorpio is offering spiritual insights for you and could help you understand what you have been doing in your relationships that prevents you from reaching what you desire. There will be deep spiritual insights for you this week, so take notes.


How’s your confidence lately, Gemini? If you’ve been feeling low, this new moon in Scorpio will help you recharge your solar batteries and help you feel more empowered and confident after a period of feeling “not enough.” If you already have quite the high self-esteem and confidence, be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming arrogant. This new moon in Scorpio is putting the accent on your solar energy and asks for balance and generosity of heart.


Ask and it’s given, Cancer. This new moon is very positive for you and is offering to bring blessings and dreams come true to your zodiac sign. These dreams might be romantic in nature, connected to your family, or perhaps originated in your childhood. You’re encouraged to keep on dreaming and gather the confidence and energy to pursue what it is you desire.


Roar roar, kitty. You’re ready to give a good fight. This new moon in Scorpio puts the accent on matters of family, housing, and public career. If you have been having conflicts in either of these domains, you can expect the tension to mount. You’re ready to stand up for yourself and for your people. You will receive extra energy to come out on top of whatever tension you’re experiencing.


This full moon in Scorpio falls in your intellectual sector and is going to trigger even more reflections, thoughts, and communications than usual. You’re advised to remain strong, brave, and in control. The more you exercise self-control and refrain from drama—especially when it comes to your romantic relationships—the more you’ll find that clarity will come to you in sudden and surprising ways.


Are you looking to start a new project or a new job, or to explore some creative activity? Now is a good time to do so, as you have enhanced opportunities for making extra income. You’re advised to focus on your sense of self-worth and your standards. Keep those as high as you can and say “no” to anything that isn’t worthy of your time, your energy, or your self. Keep faith that whatever is meant to be yours won’t leave you feeling “meh” or ambivalent. This week, your mantra is “don’t settle.”


This new moon in Scorpio is one that is utterly spiritual for you. One part of you wants to be independent, to do it all on your own, managing your abundance and your health and well-being. But another part of you is perhaps tired of this “doing it all on your own” type of attitude and is longing for another type of connection—one that is more spiritual, more leaning toward letting others help you. Do note where you’re closing your heart and preventing others from reaching you.


You’re busy working on your professional life and perhaps building a strong network of friends and peers around you. This new moon in Scorpio is positive for work, especially any that involves digital media and online activities. Your attitude is grounded and persistent, which is your most direct path to success. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and don’t commit to something unless you’re 100% sure you’ll follow through with it.


“Suspended in time” is the energy you have going on for this new moon in Scorpio. You want results when it comes to your career and your family, but something has to give; you can’t run for first prize for both. It’s time to make some minor sacrifices somewhere in order to restore balance and wellbeing.


This is a time of reflection for you. This new moon in Scorpio is inviting you to take a short break and ask yourself some questions in regards to your perspective of the world, your beliefs, and how these might shape your capacity—or difficulty—to achieve the results you seek. Now is a good time to slow down, set intentions, and take stock of what you’ve been doing until now. After this temporary slowdown, you can attack your goals with more strength and efficiency.


There is a bit of a crisis in the air for you, Pisces. This week, some elements you thought were stable might begin to crumble. If that is the case, do remember that nothing meant for you is ever taken away, and after the temporary loss comes the time to understand the lesson and rebuild. It’s hard to see the silver lining in a time of crisis, but nonetheless, there is one.

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