Your HelloGiggles horoscope, October 13th to 19th: Everybody’s secrets are coming tumbling out

This week starts with a bang with a bright full moon in Aries. It’s going to put an extra focus on independence, prioritizing ourselves, cutting off relationships that don’t fulfill us, and getting back to what truly matters: who we are and where we’re going.

The week promises bright new beginnings as well as sudden endings. Get ready, because secrets might come out. With Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, we’re looking for the truth and nothing but the truth.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


This week is MARVELOUS for you. You’re in your power, in your leadership, and in your vision. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you can. You have the vision and the willingness to go after it. This week is about crushing your goals, but it’s also about collaborating with others so they can help you reach what you desire. Leadership is not dominating; it’s leading collaboration, and you’re doing just that this week.


Taurus, this full moon falls in your sector of hidden matters, and there could be some sneaky business occurring around you. Someone could be manipulating you or simply hiding something. Be careful who you place trust in and make sure that you are protected. This could be linked to your workplace. So be strategic in the way you think, how you act, and who you trust.


Slow down, Gemini. You could feel sooooo agitated and willing to take on the world like it’s your oyster, but it’s not the time just yet. Refrain from making bold risks or acting in a forceful manner and consider all outcomes before you gamble. Use this bold and fiery energy within, but hold up before you act on it.


Three is a crowd, Cancer. Are you involved in a love triangle? There could be some drama unraveling in your love affairs. But if that’s not the case, friends might cancel your scheduled rendez-vous. You are advised to keep some time for yourself to be at home. There is a vibe of wanting to be out and about, but the universe is acting against your plans. Trust this message if you receive it and spend some time at home.


Some secrets are being revealed to you, Leo. Things you were intuitively tapped into—things you suspected—are coming up to the surface. This is a spiritual week for you during which you can expect lots of “downloads” and insights coming to you in intuitive ways. Attune yourself to the full moon, as it could be a time of receiving great insights you’re looking for.


Virgo, you’re overheating—not that you aren’t used to it. But this week in particular your head is buzzing with indecision and ruminating thoughts. It is a week of digging deep within yourself to discover some hidden truths about who you are and why you struggle with the things you do. But do remember to ground yourself. Use the technique of naming five things you see, one sound you hear, and one thing you can touch to stay in the present.


Ah, Libra. We know how important love and harmony are to you. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to get either this week. There can be conflicts in relationships, lack of harmony, lack of cooperation, or lack of love. You’re advised to focus on loving yourself and prioritizing yourself. The more you pursue this path, the less trouble relationships will bring.


You’re quite secretive this week, Scorpio. It sounds like your focus is on work first and foremost. You have some plans or projects which you are not ready, nor advised, to disclose. Keep things under wraps for as long as you deem necessary. You’re advised to remain distrustful in your work sector and keep on planning things in secret.


This is a brand new beginning, Sagittarius. Are you moving into a new home? It surely looks like it. If you’re looking to buy, you could make an offer. If you’re looking to rent, you’ll get it. And if you’re not planning any move or relocation housing-wise, you could either redecorate or welcome a new family member. Or even perhaps a new love interest? Enjoy!


Time to shine bright this week, Capricorn. Everything is going well for you. Success knocks on your door, messages you were looking to receive are coming through, and you feel joyful and truthful. This is the perfect week for you to accomplish whatever it is you desire.


There is a vibe of disbelief and a lack of faith. Did you not obtain something you were looking for? Or did you encounter delays and obstacles? Don’t despair and don’t lose faith. But also, don’t fall into the trap of being in denial. You need to be 100% accountable for the events in your life. So, ask yourself: Did you cause any deception? If so, don’t beat yourself up. But do live up to the consequences and change your course of action. Accountability + faith is the path of success this week.


You’re defensive this week—and you should be. People might be trying to get access to you or what you have, and it’s okay to fight back and defend your territory, a.k.a. yourself. It’s time to tell people off and build strong boundaries. If you’re looking for love, make sure you know where your boundaries are and who is repeatedly trying to cross them.

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