Your Weekly Horoscope, October 11th to October 17th: A Thunderstorm of Dramatic Energy Is Heading Your Way

You'll need to re-evaluate your relationships.

This weekly horoscope is intense, but as long as you stand in your truth, you can get through the frustrating and dramatic energy when it comes your way. The Libra sun squares off with Jupiter, which is in Capricorn, on October 11th, expanding your ego and desires. Mercury, which is in Scorpio, connects with Venus, which is in Virgo, on October 12th, which will heighten your emotions.

Mercury starts its retrograde journey on October 13th in Scorpio. Secrets will be revealed, so pay attention to what you see and hear. The sun and Mars, which is retrograde in Aries, oppose each other on October 13th, creating interpersonal clashes with others. The sun galvanizes the Nodes of Destiny on October 14th, boosting your confidence.

On October 14th, Jupiter and Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, align for the third and final time in 2020 (the other dates were February 20th and July 27th). It’s time again to go after your dreams and create your visions. The sun and Pluto, which is in Capricorn, clash on October 15th, bringing power struggles and jealousies to a head.

The week rounds off with the Libra new moon on October 16th, which will ask you to re-evaluate relationships and make decisions pertaining to them. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising and sun signs.


It’s your time to shine! Not only are things shaping up at work, but your love life is thriving. The only caveat is that your finances are proving to be less than stellar. But hitting a high note on two out of three matters in your life is beyond amazing.  


You’re embracing a different vibe at the moment, which is allowing you to think outside the box. Looking at matters from a new and bigger perspective will give you the chance to have a higher-minded understanding of situations. You’ll see things with a clearer view than you have before.  


It’s time for you to evolve the relationship (with a crush, S.O., friend, or family member) that you have been investing your energy into. You can make sweeping changes (for the better) to transform the way you both relate and connect with each other if you keep an open mind right now.  


Your emotions seem to be over the top (even for you, sentimental Cancer). Rather than disregarding your feels, lean into them. Your feelings are valid, and you should let them out before they build up on the inside. It will be cleansing, refreshing, and reviving to your life and vibe.  


Tensions are brewing with your colleagues, making you wish that you could hide away from them. You can’t avoid your coworkers forever, but you can limit the out-of-work communion and interactions that you have with them to avoid conflicts. Be smart in the amount of energy you give.  


Whether you know it or not, you have to create boundaries with others to ensure that you don’t step over a line with your besties. This means holding back on what you say and what you allow yourself to be a part of or give in the friendship.  


You deserve to be appreciated at your job. All the more reason to ask for a raise or title change to show off your responsibilities. Be kind, appreciative, confident, and straightforward when sending the email to your boss. You may get what you want as a result of your email. 


There may be some friction in your one-on-one relationships at the moment. This is a direct result of gossip formulating in your friend circle. Don’t be shy in addressing the rumors to clear the air. It’ll save you from going through dramatic ups and downs this week. 


Changes at work are happening behind the scenes, which is making you feel paranoid. Before you start thinking that your colleagues and boss are plotting against you, ask them direct questions. They’ll give you truthful answers that will calm your anxieties, allowing you to get to the bottom of the matter.  


Before you rush through another high-stress week, give yourself a moment or two to rest your lovely bones. Letting yourself decompress will help you take on all of the projects you have without feeling frazzled in the process. Also, try to keep yourself organized to get your work done.  


Although it may be hard, try to center yourself this week. If you allow yourself to embrace your fears and dreams, you will find that you’re able to let go of all the hesitations you have about manifesting your visions into reality. Focus solely on your amazingness to achieve greatness.  


Finding your voice within your peer group may be challenging, as your friends can be dominating and overpower you at times. Do not be afraid to stand up and assert yourself. You can and will be heard by your friends. After all, you deserve it. 

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