Your HelloGiggles horoscope November 24th to November 30th: Powerful energy is on the horizon

Buckle up, friends—this week is packed with dynamic energy. Not only do we have a fiery new moon in Sagittarius, but we also have a bright conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and the sun in the sign of Sagittarius. And because we’re getting out of the shadows of Scorpio season, we’re plunging into even more lively energies. Good news: Mercury just turned direct, which will help us to pick up the pace. So make sure to get things in order so you can hit your straps on your new projects. 

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign to see how it affects everyone. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


It’s been a few weeks of wondering, “Should I go back or should I just move forward?” And from what it sounds like, you haven’t quite decided just yet. But if you’ve been waiting for a new beginning, this week can offer you just that. You’re incredibly focused on partnerships, and you should be able to get a greater sense of clarity this week. The key phrase is: Things will go the way you want them to. 


This week could be testing you, Taurus. How much self-control do you have? While the answers might reveal themselves, you may feel like it’s a little too hard to keep your emotions and thoughts all inside. But maybe you don’t have to. Maybe allowing yourself to be vulnerable is how you can be strong.


Love is in the air this week, Gemini. Whether you’re celebrating some wins in your current partnership or you’ve been looking to meet your special someone, this week could be your week to shine. Either way, expect to celebrate. Congrats! 


If you’ve been stuck in one-sided relationships, where you do all the giving and don’t receive nearly as much in return, then you may want to reflect on this and put a stop to this draining pattern. This week is about establishing stronger boundaries and a stronger sense of equality in all of your relationships. You deserve the same love you’re offering, after all. 


You’re feeling feisty this week, Leo. You could be competing for love and attention, or simply have a lot of banter and playful disagreements with other people this week. While love might also be in the cards for you, it’s best not to seek relationships or conflicts out of ego. Keep your ego in a box and give it food and water so that it doesn’t act out in fury.


You can expect a flooding to occur this week, Virgo. While it could happen in your actual home, it will most likely come in the form of emotional overwhelm. Let your emotions flow. Open the gates, get the buckets, and wait for the storm to pass. Try to hold space for your feelings and don’t over-intellectualize them. 


People want to talk to you, Libra—and luckily, you’re feeling quite communicative. This week is the right time to open yourself up to new experiences because you’re keen on talking to new people and discovering new things. If you’re itching to book a trip, this is the time to do it. Plus, you could receive good news this week, so you have nothing to lose. 


Success has arrived, Scorpio. You’ve been working in the shadows for some time now, and it’s finally time to reap the rewards of your labor. This week is one of success and recognition, enjoy the spotlight—every second of it!  


You could feel a little lonely this week, Sagittarius. Perhaps you’ve been going through spiritual or financial hardships, or maybe you feel like no one can understand you. Whatever the case may be, you should try to spend some time alone. This phase won’t last forever—you just need some time by yourself right now to contemplate what has been happening to you lately. 


Capricorn, you’re hustling as always—but are you overworking yourself? It’s important to take some time to appreciate what you have accomplished. Take a second to look back, reflect, and potentially take time off. This week, you’re encouraged to relinquish some of your independent energy to indulge with friends and just kick back. You deserve it.


Now is a time of reflection and stillness, Aquarius. Try to wait to examine whatever is currently on your mind. You’re at a time of gestation—you have an idea, a project, even a trip in mind, but now is not the time to take action.  


It’s all about business for you this week, Pisces. Your energy is motivated, ambitious, and bold. Plus, you may secure extra money. If you’ve been waiting on a loan of sorts, you could expect to hear about it this week. 

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