Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope: May 31st to June 6th: This week brings important changes our way

This week’s rockin’ cosmic energy will bring important matters to the forefront—if you embrace divine wisdom and universal truths. Venus, which is in retrograde in Gemini, butts heads with Mars, which is in Pisces, on June 2nd. The next day, the Gemini sun links up with Venus retrograde.

The Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will occur on June 5th, revealing truths and exposing secrets. The same day, Mercury, which is in emotional Cancer, connects with revolutionary Uranus, which is in earthly Taurus, and the asteroid Chiron, which is in passionate Aries. Communication will prove to be healing if you’re honest with your sentiments. The sun and Mars square off on the 6th, forcing you to put your money where your mouth is and take action around change.   

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Change is headed your way—but in order to embrace personal growth, you will have to undergo emotional tests this week, which will transform your perspective on certain matters. Don’t put pressure on yourself to evolve at a rampant speed. Move slowly and on your terms. You’ll grow when you’re ready.   


Oftentimes, you prefer to stay on the same path and choose to walk in the direction you always have. Take a few risks this week (even small ones) to allow yourself the chance to choose the path less taken. This act will inspire your dreams to become a reality.   


Be brave enough to discuss your true feelings with others. Don’t hold back on your emotions. Speaking from the heart will help you to elevate relationships and allow you to be seen by your peers. It will start a new, honest trend amongst your crew, which will strengthen your friendships.  


It’s okay to rest in your cocoon when you’re in need of self-care. After all, you’re a hard worker and provider, which entitles you to moments of TLC for yourself. Find comfort in these moments of solitude. It will do your heart, mind, and spirit good to chill out.   


It’s time for you to set some serious boundaries with your crew. Stop being available to them 24/7 for them to dump their emotions onto you. Sure, being a good friend means listening to their problems…but not all day and night. You should set aside time for your needs, too.  


Stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve perfection. No one is 100% righteous all the time, and you need to realize that you are doing your best. The less you push yourself, the more you will be able to manifest your goals without a hitch. The effort is all that matters.  


You’re feeling a little off-balance this week as a result of your busy schedule. Your social life is picking up at the moment, consuming your days with Zoom calls and online gaming with friends. Take time for yourself to feel more centered. After all, you need “you” time.   


Your emotions will be up and down throughout the week, as you believe things are happening behind your back—which they’re not. Your cosmic lesson this week is to not obsess and be less paranoid. The world isn’t out to get you. In fact, everyone loves you.  


You can handle the truth and a lot of people cannot. The issue is that you’re dying to let others know how you feel about them, which will prove to be a tough pill for them to swallow. Express your sentiments with kindness to avoid conflict with your peeps. 


This week, your positivity and optimism may force you to believe the best in others. The caveat is that you’re trying to “fix” people who don’t want to change. Let people evolve on their own and watch without your discerning eye looking. Focus your energies on healing yourself to be happy.  


Focus on understanding others and try not to be the center of everyone’s thoughts. You’ll find that you’re able to make healthier relationships and professional decisions as a result. If you give up control, then you’ll be able to find more balance in your life. Give more to others to receive attention and affection.  


It’s time to take your relationships to deeper places. Talk about your intimate feelings with others in order to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of these partnerships. You’ll be able to heal the past and change habits. By the end of the week, you’ll change your ways and grow. 

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