Your Weekly Horoscope, May 30th to June 5th: An Intense Rage of Energy Is Going to Explode

Expect the drama to unravel at the end of this week.

Although the beginning of this weekly horoscope is dreamy and lovely, the end of it is intense. You want to ebb and flow with the cosmic energy to stay afloat in the turbulent waves. Mars, which is in Cancer, and Neptune, which is in Pisces, harmonize on May 31st and create ambiguity in moving toward your goals.

The Gemini sun and the North Node of Destiny connect on the 31st, pushing you to make fated choices. Venus enters Cancer on June 2nd, adding romanticism to your vibe. The Gemini sun and Saturn, which is in Aquarius, link up on June 3rd and add structure to your desires. Venus, which is in Cancer, and Jupiter, which is in Pisces, share an abundant cosmic kiss on June 3rd. Mercury, which is in retrograde in Gemini, squares off with Neptune on June 5th, creating confusion and emotionality to all that you hear. Mars and Pluto, which is in Capricorn, clash on June 5th—ending the week with high drama.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Your fiery nature encourages you to do more work than others. The caveat is that you often don’t take time for yourself, as you’re taking on the load that others leave behind. This can create resentments. Instead of getting mad, don’t take on their projects to teach them a lesson.


It’s never too late to shift the direction of your career, even if you feel that you’re stuck in your profession. Try adjusting things in your work to encourage change and remedy your desire to evolve. You’ll find that this helps you heal the professional boredom you are currently feeling.


Your intimate relationships have become a lot of work and very intense. Instead of arguing with your significant other and friends, take a step back and ignore the drama. Their projections are their problems, and you don’t have to deal with it. They shouldn’t take their moods out on you.


Take a break from the daily stressors at work. Try embracing a higher mind endeavor such as meditation to decompress. You may even want to connect with a class online that will awaken your consciousness to fresh perspectives. This will allow you to connect with your heart’s current desires.


Boundaries are essential in every situation and relationship. You haven’t been acting in a proper way with others, which includes overstepping in partnerships. Stop pushing for things to go your way and ask your friends for favors. Create a relationship in which you don’t only take and that’s mutually beneficial.


Relationships take work—even the easiest of friendships and partnerships are definitely complex. Instead of running away from making changes, give them more of your time and energy. Allow positive growth to happen and flourish with those you care about. That way things can only get better within such relationships.


Before you believe everything and anything you hear, check the source of the information. The person feeding you the news may not be reliable. Half of it may be true (and that’s being generous). This can lead you to arguments with others if you don’t take it at face value.


Romance in the air this week, making you pull out all the stops in your relationships or your crush. You may even begin a new flirtation that will lead to a summer fling or even more. Lean into your heartfelt feelings and lead with love. Don’t hold your emotions back.


You are longing to feel connected to something bigger than yourself. This means that you will be connecting to activities like yoga, meditation, and even finding a new interest in astrology. Opening your mind to these spiritual endeavors will make your heart feel comforted and filled with soulful energy now.


There is a lot of chatter happening at work, particularly with your colleagues. The gossip is high, but you’re not wanting to partake in it. Although you love hearing the new tea, you’re quite aware about how false the rumors are. It’ll help you simmer the drama at the office.


Although you’re wanting to express your creative sentiments freely, your bank account isn’t allowing you to purchase the tools in getting your artistry started. Buy a few items here and there. Don’t get stressed over money. You’ll be able to buy the essentials soon, once you make some extra cash.


You’re having a lot of anxiety in deciding the next phases of your career. Before committing to any new projects, try to see if you’re wanting to continue the current path you’re on. Be honest and open with yourself about your goals. It’ll help you decide what path to take.