Your HelloGiggles horoscope, May 26th to June 1st: Ugh, it’s definitely Gemini season

This week presents two distinct energies that are going to make us feel stretched in opposite directions—in classic Gemini season fashion! On one hand, this week we’re grounded, hardworking, loved up, stable, and chill. We still have remnant energy from Taurus season, so we’re working hard at establishing ourselves on the material plane while feeling worthy and secure, and that hard work is paying off.

On the other hand, our minds are racing and making us feel a bit dizzy. Our bodies want to chill, but our minds want to jump frantically. This week is going to make a lot of people realize the difference between being right and being curious, holding the truth and considering other people’s personal truths, the difference between opinions and facts, and how, sometimes, the difference isn’t clear.

Overall, the week is going to promote intellectual curiosity, learning from each other, and opening your mind. Less positively, though, a lot of truths may be bent, white lies (or straight-up lies) may be told, corners may be cut intellectually, and we may witness excesses in communication and thinking. The week could be argumentative, so it’s a good time to ask yourself this question before you react to situations: What do I have to gain from interacting? Is this crossing a personal boundary? Am I reacting or responding? Am I in a state of mind that allows healthy conversation? Are they in a state of mind that allows healthy conversation?

Time for your weekly horoscope. Check your rising sign, too, if you know it.


This week you’re going to feel extra sensitive and mentally restless, Aries. The advice I gave above is particularly applicable to you: Make sure that you’re in the right state of mind before you engage in arguments or discussions; you might find it difficult this week to debate with other people in a way that doesn’t make you feel triggered or reactive. Take a breather.


Taurus, you’re really, really on brand with the Scorpio full moon theme: This week is all about reflecting on what you value, how worthy you feel, and how this impacts your material conditions and your relationships. You might feel much more chatty than usual about these matters, and this is going to encourage some productive breakthroughs for you.


This is a time of possible excesses for you, Gemini, which can be positive as you have tremendous opportunities for growth right now and a lot of energy, but also a little more concerning at times as you also have a tendency to cut corners and rush into situations without thinking ahead. This week is going to highlight this even further, so be sure to ground yourself before you rush ahead. You could also feel extra argumentative this week, so ask yourself what is worth your energy and what isn’t before you run out of battery on things that aren’t productive for you.


This week you will be given great opportunities to understand a lot of things about yourself, Cancer: What are your core motivations, what are your dreams, what are the things that you do that sabotage your desires and motivations, and what triggers your anger in a way that doesn’t serve you? This week is all about this self-discovery, and the more you plunge yourself into these questions, the more you’ll be able to leap forward in the next couple of weeks.


This is a time of possible excesses and indulgence for you, Leo, but don’t beat yourself up if that’s the case. Focus on being kind to yourself during this self-care season; however, do be careful of not taking too many risks or being carelessly excessive. This is a possibility for you this week, so it’s important to differentiate between pleasures and self-sabotage.


This is a very abundant week for you, Virgo. The stars are aligned for your success, but as usual, your mind might get in the way. Focus on your goals, and learn how to observe your obstructive thoughts when they show up. If you can’t quiet them down, then just observe, but don’t engage. This week can be very fruitful for you professionally, and a lot of it is due to the work (physical and spiritual) that you have done in the last couple of weeks.


This week is about a journey for you, Libra. You might go on an actual trip somewhere, or this trip may be more symbolic and intellectual—or perhaps both. This is a week that calls you to face parts of yourself and your relationship(s) that you might not enjoy seeing, but it’s also a week that brings a lot of intellectual growth for you. If anyone is able to be open-minded and flexible intellectually, it’s you. Focus on cultivating a positive and healthy mindset and the rest will follow.


You’re very focused on relationships this week, and this goes for both personal and business relationships. You’ll find yourself questioning how to bring value, how to reconcile your value, how to identify your value(s), and all of these efforts and thoughts geared toward values and how to arrange them in your relationships will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals this week.


This week is challenging for you, Sagittarius. You’re prone to being excessive, and this excess of energy can cause you to rush ahead without proper organization. You’re asked to focus on structure, discipline, and organization this week, and if you can slow the path down a bit while asking yourself how you can benefit from the collaboration of the people around you (both personal and professional), you can get ahead faster than you would by just rushing ahead blindly.


Lots of creativity for you this week, Capricorn. You might fall in love, create, connect to yourself, or enjoy yourself, quite simply. Not to say you’re not working hard—you always are, really—but this week you’re focusing more on the creative, fun, and passionate part of your work and life in general. It’s a good time to let loose and ask yourself what and who you love.


As much as last week, this week could still bring unexpected sums of money for you, but do be careful not to spend it carelessly. This week is about family for you, and you could benefit from spending time with your loved ones.


Very intellectual week for you, Pisces. The energy is a bit challenging for you as you deal better with your feelings than your thoughts, and this week you’re bombarded with intellectual energy, forcing you to step out of your comfort zone. It’s a week during which a lot of your thoughts are about fundamental questions—where am I going, what’s my purpose, what do I want out of life, who am I? Existential questions are asked, and if you can have a bit of faith, you will find the answers to these questions, with time and patience.

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