Your Weekly Horoscope, May 23rd to 29th: A Turbulent Force of Drama Will Shake Up Your Life

Expect a lot of changes to occur.

This weekly horoscope is emotionally turbulent. Be prepared for the drama and exhausting energies coming your way. Saturn retrograde begins on May 23rd in Aquarius, asking you to recommit and reassess the structures and authorities in your life.

The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius is on May 26th, releasing energy that will rock your world. Venus, which is in Gemini, squares off with Neptune, which will create a soupy emotional energy on May 27th. Mercury retrograde commences on May 29th, lasting until June 22nd. The same day, Mercury retrograde and Venus connect in Gemini, bringing exes and old friends back to you. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Most of the time you say what’s on your mind without thinking matters through. When this happens, it’s easy to offend and upset people that you care about. Use your tongue to filter out all the shady things you want to say and be more cautious than impulsive when communicating.


Payback on a loan or personal debt is heading back to you. Now that you’re receiving extra money (which was yours to begin with, so you’re actually breaking even TBH), don’t go spending it frivolously. Save that cash for a rainy day and in case of an emergency.


You’re holding onto a friendship that is past its prime and hitting its expiration date. Stop dwelling and looking backwards. The good old days are long gone. You are just afraid to let go of them. You’ll never be happy if you aren’t focusing on the present and moving forward.


It’s never the right time to talk about your emotions with others. However, you have to talk things out in order to gain clarity and to feel at peace with yourself. Coordinate time with your besties to discuss your feelings. They will walk you through the best ways to proceed.


You’re always fun to hang out with, even if you are feeling on edge lately. If you’re with a friend who is annoying you, turn up the music and tune them out. Try to have a good experience without being dramatic to avoid projecting your emotions and sentiments onto them. 


Keeping boundaries between your professional and personal life will save you a lot of drama. Don’t overshare with colleagues and set limits with how much time you give them after office hours are closed. You have to focus on yourself and create the best energy to decompress in after work.


There will be a whole lotta gossip circulating around your social circle, most of it may not even be true. The issue isn’t what’s said, it’s about not repeating what you hear as it may hurt others and affect your relationship with them. Don’t buy stock in the rumor mill.


You’re known to have deep and intense emotions. But now, they’re more confusing than anything. Before you assert yourself and let others know how you feel, make sure that you are actually feeling what you’re saying. Once you’re concisely aware of things, there will be an energetic shift for the better.


Believe it or not, an old flame is coming back in full force this week. The caveat is that you’re not sure how you feel about them. Even though you started the reconnection and began the engagement, you’re having cold feet in pursuing them. Be coy while ghosting them again.


You’ve been taking on too many activities and helping out your colleagues too much at work. Instead of putting your energy at maximum power 24/7, allow yourself to unwind over the next few days. This will help you increase your energy so you can put it back into your work.


It’s time to embrace and show off your creative side. This means connecting with projects that allow your artistry and talents to shine. Whether it is for work or pleasure, the moment you unwind with things that make you happy, you will find that your heart grows and feels bigger.


It’s time to reconnect with your friends and family after spending the past few months in hibernation. Reach out and make plans to see them. You will be happy that you sought them out, as you can use some extra TLC and support at the moment (who doesn’t need that?).