Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, March 8th to March 14th: There’s a reason why some zodiac signs might feel all over the place

We have a busy week coming up with plenty of astrological changes. We are at the end of Pisces season, with Mercury turning direct on the 9th, offering us a collective relief and the ability to see things with more clarity. The week presents earthy vibes, helping us feel grounded and realistic, while the Piscean energy offers us a comfortable cloud to lay on.

Right now is the perfect mixture between dream and reality. While we do have a few romantic signatures this week, among the heath worries, represented by the powerful Virgo full moon, we still should find the time to seek our romantic fairytales and attempt to make them come true.

Let’s check out our weekly horoscope. Make sure to look at your sun sign and rising sign.


It’s a very powerful week for you, Aries. You’re feeling equally giggly and focused on your long-term goals, splitting yourself in half between your leisure and work life. Your energy is grounded and dedicated to success, nothing resists you this week.  


Taurus, this is the 2nd or 3rd week in a row that you’re having luck on your side and a feeling that your wishes are becoming true. You’re on a roll, but leave some luck for the rest of the zodiac. More seriously, because you have luck on your side, use this knowledge and trust to take the appropriate actions, you will be supported.


We win some, we lose some, as Justin Bieber sings, “We all have our seasons.” While this week is a little heavy perhaps for you Gemini, at the end of the tunnel is transformation and growth. If you’re feeling a little frantic this week, just remember that things will pass.


Beware of miscommunications, Cancer. Mercury turns direct on the 9th, but up until then, you might scratch your head when it comes to communicating with other people. Remember to be clear and direct and you shall find much less conflict or delays in your dealings with other people.


Your energy is a bit all over the board this week. It’s fine to have multiple interests and activities, but don’t forget to actually pour into yourself and refill your energy. This week is about finding the right balance between taking care of yourself and allowing others to help you out.


This week is a little sweet and sour for you, Virgo. Your focus is clearly on close and intimate relationships, and as you know, the closest relationships are often the ones that can bring the most pain. There is an air of crisis for you this week, and as much as it could be a trivial event, it could feel very much dramatic to you. With great love comes great pain—it’s part of the journey and this too, shall pass.


You could be experiencing a lack of enthusiasm this week, as you’re still very much focused on the questions of feeling grounded, rooted and anchored. You could also be feeling emotionally drained by this process of looking for safety. Do remember to keep some time for fun activities with friends and loved ones, don’t let your energy become heavy!


It looks like you’re focused on housing matters this week, Scorpio. You’re at a time during which you’re attempting to create or recreate foundations for yourself, and it may be time to make strong decisions when it comes to foundational aspects of your life, such as your primary relationship and your housing. Mercury is turning direct on the 9th, avoid hasty decisions before then.


Your mind and energy is on money and abundance this week, and possibly on the matters of housing and real estate. Even though you may be working hard, you might be more aware of what you don’t have (yet), as opposed to what you already have. Remember to cultivate this abundance mindset that you are so capable of, and avoid dwelling on losses.


You’re at a time of transition, but this transition seems fairly seamless for you this week. This is the perfect time to relocate, move, and leave situations or people behind. Remember: wherever you go, there you are. There is no escaping your thoughts and feelings, but right now is a good time to transition into new situations and projects. 


This is a wild card of a week, Aquarius. On one hand, you have the possibility of experiencing a hot and wild love affair, especially so if you’re looking for someone on the Internet. You’re promised the possibility of a steamy encounter, and who’s to complain about that? On the other hand, if you have the tendency to indulge in activities that are not so good for you, you could feel the pull of the temptation even more so this week. Tread carefully.


You’ve been working really hard, Pisces, and now is the time to collect the rewards and stop investing so much. What is done is done. Don’t keep on working—by now, you’re either receiving the rewards or you’re walking away from a disappointing situation.  

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