Your Weekly Horoscope, March 7th to 13th: Expect Emotional Turbulence to Alter Your Reality

You can blame the Pisces new moon for this.

Get the Kleenex ready and prepare to go deep into your emotions for this week’s horoscope. Venus squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on March 9th. The following day, the sun shares an elusive connection with Neptune, followed by Venus’ meet up with Neptune on March 13th (when Daylight Saving Time begins).

While the Pisces new moon on March 13th won’t temper your feelings, it will make your sentiments feel as though you’re lost at sea (so to speak). This means that emotions will be up and down all week. Be mindful of how you communicate to others, as we’re all feeling sensitive and confused about what our next steps should be.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.

Weekly horoscope:


Your emails and voicemails are piling up. It’s not that you don’t want to be chatty with others, but you’re not in the mood for small talk. You want to get deep. If the conversation isn’t allowing you to discuss your inner emotions, then you want no part in it.


You may be feeling a tad disillusioned in your job, resulting from situations and projects not turning out the way you had hoped for. Before you throw the towel in and give up, understand that this is a moment in time. You’ll get your inspiration back shortly. Don’t stop dreaming.


Everyone wants a piece of you this week, but you don’t have much to give to others. It’s great that you’re at the top of your game. However, you need time away from everyone and everything to regroup and center yourself. After all, you must protect your energy from others.


What makes you happy, Cancer? For this weekly horoscope, you need to surround yourself with things and people (virtually or on the phone) that you enjoy. This will bring you peace of mind and help you navigate through life. In order to be positive, you must be around who and what you love.


Your intuition is on point and at an all-time high now. Lean into your dreams and use this energy to contemplate matters on a deep level. Your visions and feelings hold the answers to all of the issues and situations at hand. Learn to embrace them. Trust your gut!


Love is a wonderful and grand sentiment. This week, you’re falling into the rapture and being consumed by your crush/S.O. The only warning is that you shouldn’t get too focused on them. Give yourself a little room to breathe to ensure that you don’t get too lost in your relationship.


After working hard for the past few weeks, you’re exhausted. Taking time out from working 12 hour days and allowing yourself to rest will prove to be the best medicine for you. Sleep in (when you can) and veg out (whenever possible). Give your body and mind a break.


You are drowning in your creativity this week, which means that you’re focusing on bringing your artistry to the world. Words of advice: Don’t stress if your drafts aren’t what you thought they would look like IRL. Use this week as a time to revise and craft your ideal vision.


Finding one’s place in the world is never easy. This week, you are yearning to connect with yourself on a higher level and understand your duties. In the process of gaining clarity and connecting with yourself, you will find that your beliefs are shifting and evolving. Be ready for change.


People are always going to talk and gossip, which is why you shouldn’t get caught up in what they are saying—especially since more than half of their tales aren’t true. Don’t perpetuate the rumor mill and allow these fictitious stories to spread, even though it may be tempting.


You’re not relating to the material world, as you’re focusing your energy on evolving your spirituality. This means that you’re not spending your money frivolously and opting to disconnect from its power. The most important thing to you is that you don’t forget about your earthly responsibilities this week.


Your head is lost in the clouds this week, which means that your imagination is running wild. It’s okay to get hung up in your dreamworld, as long as you keep one foot on the ground. Be sure to journal your experiences. You may find your next creative venture there.

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