Your HelloGiggles horoscope, March 3rd to March 9th: Everything changes

Well, well, well. If it isn’t our little friend, Mercury Retrograde. The transit that wrecks havoc on our communication, travel, and basically throws a monkey wrench into our plans starts March 5th. So take a breath and prepare yourself for the next three weeks of frustration and delays. It’s a busy week when it comes to the stars. On the 6th, we have both a New Moon in Pisces and Uranus entering Taurus. The former means we’ll be focusing on goals that align with creativity and compassion, and allowing ourselves to dream the impossible dream. The latter means we’re in for a shakeup when it comes to the foundation of our lives. Everything from our finances to material pursuits to our sensuality is about to get a major transformation. Essentially, we’re going to be feeling a ton of changes this week. It might not always feel good, but growth seldom does.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you.


With the New Moon in your sign this week, Pisces, you’ll feel a surge of hopeful inspiration. Hold onto this feeling as you navigate through the changes around you. Your faith is your guiding star.


Patience is a virtue, Aries. That might be your lesson in life, and it certainly is this week. Your natural impulse is to charge ahead and lash out, but what does it feel like when you surrender?


You’re finally feeling like you’re getting your ducks in a row, Taurus. While you might encounter delays with your progress (hi, Mercury Retrograde) don’t let that diminish your confidence. Keep going.


The sudden changes around you might make you feel directionless, Gemini. Because it’s easy for you to get your head lost in the clouds, it’s essential to ground yourself. How can you implement more structure in your daily life?


Your sense of security means everything to you, Cancer. So when you feel like it’s being uprooted, you immediately want to retreat and hold on tightly. But what if letting go means getting everything you’ve ever dreamed about?


Don’t stop believing, Leo. Or dreaming. While there might be obstacles before you, tap into your positive attitude and ingenuity to turn those challenges into opportunities. Because if anyone can turn straw into gold, it’s you.


Your innate discipline helps you to identify any shift in your equilibrium, Virgo. However, how will you ever know what’s on the other side of the shift if you don’t let it shake you up a bit first? Don’t be afraid to get messy.


You tend to freeze in the face of change, Libra. Your diplomacy is admirable, but now is the time to look after your needs and desires. Forget about everyone else (yes, really): What do you want? Then go try to make it happen.


You’re actually your best self when changes come your way, Scorpio. You’re able to buckle down and focus like a laser beam. You eat change for breakfast. Remember your fortitude when you encounter resistance. You can make it work for you.


Delays in your plans do not make you a happy camper, Sag. Before you say something you might regret, try to flip the script and see that everything is happening for you and not to you. There’s a bigger plan that we often can’t see.


You have a certain idea of how things will go, Capricorn. Especially when it comes to your big life goals. You don’t like to second guess yourself. However, when we allow ourselves to go with the flow and not against the current, things have a way of working out. Trust.


Now is not the time for “all or nothing,” Aquarius. Instead, look at what’s happening around you as an opportunity to compromise and collaborate. Meet in the middle, and you’ll see that what you want will come faster.

There’s a whole lot of energy being thrown our way this week, bbs. But when we’re able to surrender our plans and open ourselves up to the possibility that something greater is in store for us, then the delays and changes don’t feel as bad. Well, not totally.

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