Your Weekly Horoscope, March 28th to April 3rd: Embracing Your Fate Will Push You Into Your Life’s Purpose

The time for change is now.

For this weekly horoscope, embrace your destiny to live out your soul’s desire. Leaning into your fate will rock your world for the better. The Worm Full Moon in Libra occurs on March 28th, adding balance to your life and relationships. Mercury and Neptune align on March 29th in Pisces, making communication foggy.

Venus, which is in Aries, harmonizes with Saturn, which is in Aquarius, on March 30th, bringing commitments to the forefront of your hearts. The next day, the Aries sun links up with Saturn, adding authority to your personal vibe. Venus connects with the Nodes of Destiny on March 31st, lending a sense of fate to relationships.

The sun heads to the Nodes of Destiny on April 1st, allowing you to lean into your life’s purpose. Mercury, which is in Pisces, and Pluto, which is in Capricorn, galvanize each other on April 2nd and will add power to your dreams. Mercury enters Aries on April 3rd, making you direct with how you express yourself. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Even if you have tried to hold it in, moody remarks may find their way out of your mouth now. Think about what you wish to state before saying it. Be kind with how you  communicate, as your impulsive nature can be snarky to those you love. Easy does it!


Although truth is resonating on a deep level with you now, this intense search for meaning can also feel exhausting. Stop overloading your mind with situations that don’t exist in reality. You’re allowing yourself to spin out, which is causing you to have setbacks (emotionality and professionally). Relax your energy.


Taking the high road can be challenging, especially when it involves your friendships. It’s not that you’re at fault, but the gossip going on in your peer group may be too intense to ignore. Not participating in the drama and rumor mill is the way for you to remain honorable.


An amazing opportunity has presented itself at work. The only issue is that it doesn’t pay the amount that you want—but, you don’t want to turn it down. Advocate for yourself. Speaking up in a respectful manner may get you the money you deserve for all of your hard efforts.


There is a lot of distance that’s starting to form between you and your crew. The reason for this is you’re feeling hot and cold emotionally. Therefore, it’s creating emotional confusion between you all. Try to connect over light topics to make sure that the friendships can sustain this situation.


You love a routine. This week offers you the chance to stick to the daily vibe and grind that you’ve implemented. The caveat is that you also need spontaneity. Save that for after work. Go out for a springtime walk or a social-distanced meet-up with friends and family.


You’re feeling stuck in your career, resulting from the lack of movement in attaining your professional goals. There may be roadblocks standing in the way, which is why it’s best to cleanse the energy in your home and in your aura to create the pace of the situation to flow.


You’ve been feeling as though your creativity is stuck in the mud. If you center your thoughts and make a clear plan about what the next steps are to make your visions a reality, you’ll be successful. Using your emotions to drive the art out of you will be helpful.


Your love life is going well, which is making you fearful of what’s coming next (this sentiment is unlike you, as you’re known for your adventurous spirit). Be bold and take a leap of faith. If you have hesitations, then you can try to work through phobias around commitments and relationships.


Your finances may be up and down, but that won’t stop you from wanting to spruce up your home with nice touches here and there. Obviously, don’t go overboard. But, add a little bit of flair and style to the walls that are bland and in need of some TLC.


How can you have an effective conversation with others when you’re trying to control the narrative? The truth is that you have to allow people to have their opinions. Respecting their choices, words, and feelings is something you should aim to do. After all, communication is a two-way street.


People you barely know are involving you in their drama, making it hard for you to know who’s energy is whose. Being an energetically absorbent person, you’re taking on their emotions, which is weighing on you. There comes a time when you need to set boundaries with others. It’s now.