Your HelloGiggles horoscope, March 24th to March 30th: Mercury Retrograde is ending, and we’ve got hearts in our eyes

The Sun entering Aries last week shook off some of the doldrums we were experiencing thanks to the moodiness of Pisces season and the annoyance of Mercury retrograde, and brought forth some much-needed action and assuredness. Now, we’ve got two major things happening in the cosmos to look forward to. For starters, Mercury Retrograde is done on the 28th and goes direct in Pisces. Sure, we might feel some aftereffects while it’s still in its shadow. But for the most part, communication will improve, travel will become swifter, and our technology can be trusted once again. Phew! Before then, on the 26th, Venus, the planet of love, leaves the independent and aloof Aquarius and enters the dreamy world of Pisces, which means when it comes to love and relationships, we’ve got stars and rainbows in our eyes.

We’re all about bringing our rom-com fantasies to life, and it will feel oh so good. And since Mercury has also straightened out in the romantic Fish sign, you can bet we’ll be prone to whispering sweet nothings in our lover’s ears without any thought of an unanswered text or a “Who dis?” response.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope:


You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar, Aries. And if you have your eye on a particular bee, you might want to research their love language. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


You don’t need an excuse to show off your sensual side, Taurus. Take this time to treat yourself and/or a loved one to a romantic dinner, massage, or even a hug. Showing your love through actions will go a long way.


It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes, Gemini. In fact, your loved ones are waiting for you to reveal your softer side. Expressing our feelings is scary, but withholding them is even more painful.


Take this week as an opportunity to unite with the special people, or person, in your life, Cancer. Volunteer to host a dinner party (your speciality). Support feels really good right now.


While you typically like to go big or go home, Leo, what if you went smaller with your affection? Smaller, as in more authentic and more tender. You have a big heart underneath your growl. Show it.


You need an outlet for your feelings, Virgo, even if you try to suppress this fact. Give yourself permission this week to do just that, whether it’s journaling them out, venting them to a friend, or speaking your truth.


You’re the social butterfly of the zodiac, Libra. But this week, try to focus your attention on a special someone. Nurturing one relationship at a time will help it develop stronger roots.


Try to honor your feelings this week, Scorpio. You feel intensely about everything, which is why the right people love you. Don’t make yourself smaller to suit the comfort level of others. Be you for you, always.


It’s finally time to be spontaneous, Sag, as Mercury Retrograde has weighed you down. Trust and follow your impulses. Say yes to a new adventure, and don’t be afraid to dream your biggest dreams yet.


Get ready: you’re about to feel all the feels, Capricorn. Don’t let the flood of emotions overwhelm you; instead, welcome them. This is a healing and cleansing time for you, and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


It’s okay to get close to people, Aquarius. While you typically have trouble letting your guard down, you love deeply. So move toward the love. You might surprise yourself when you choose company over alone time.


Your life is either going to resemble your fave romance or your fave tear-jerker this week, Pisces. You choose. Meaning: your experience with a relationship depends on your response and perspective. Choose wisely.

This week is going to bring clarity and brightness, as well as some feels, bbs. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and don’t forget that happy endings can, and do, happen outside of the movies.

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