Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, March 15th to March 21st: Profound changes are on the horizon

Buckle up, this week we’re in for a wild ride. Even though the overall energy has been very dreamy, confusing and dazed for a few weeks now, courtesy of Mercury retrograde and Pisces season, this energy is dissipating. We also have Mars, planets of war, drive and aggression, coming up to a strong position and cuddling up with Jupiter and Pluto.

On a collective level, this energy might announce some severe and profound changes, including possibly a great expansion of the pandemic, which isn’t very fun. But on a personal level, it does indicate the possibility of having much greater clarity, more energy, more drive, and more capacity and desire to change your life–all for the best.

Let’s dive into your weekly horoscope. Look for your Sun sign below, as well as your rising sign, if you know it.


You’re collecting rewards this week. Some things you’ve been working really hard on are finally getting completed and a sense of satisfaction, and because of this, you’re now able to rest after having invested so much of yourself. Whatever it is, you’re winning, and we all know that is what makes Aries’ hearts glow.  


While you’re working hard at your goals this week, it’s important to understand that you won’t get what you desire by doing it solo. Rely on your interpersonal skills and focus on learning, reading, and communicating with calm and assertion with coworkers, friends, and people who can help you. This week’s key phrase is humble collaboration.


You might be dealing with some addictive situations or people this week. We know you spend most of your time in your head, but try to reconnect with your body. How does the situation/person make you feel? If you feel a pit in your stomach, or an overall feeling that something is wrong, draining you, or putting you in high or low, it’s time to save yourself.


This week’s horoscopes indicate the possibility of a new love affair, if that’s what you’re after. Or you may receive a renewed sense of harmony and connection in existing relationships. Either way, you’re finally getting some rest after a few rough weeks, keep your eyes and heart open.


This week is all about self-care. You’re refilling your cup, taking care of yourself, recharging your batteries, and pouring some love into yourself. Self-love isn’t selfish, Leo. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup, you need to make sure you give yourself all the love you need before you start taking care of others. Focus on self-improvement and being a student of life. 


While you’re usually so well prepared and cautious, however, this week, you could feel particularly impulsive and irrational. Make sure you double-check yourself and ask a reasonable friend (not a Virgo!) if your plans are realistic or are a little ungrounded. You could be lacking in long-term vision this week by making decisions that you later regret. Make sure you have the big picture in mind. As much as you’re a planner, you also have the tendency to be so focused on the macro that you forget the bigger vision.


Safety is probably a word you’ve been having in mind a lot lately, and this week, you’re taking swift actions to get it. You could be seeking to feel taken care of, provided for, or protected. Housing and material gains are also on your top list, so follow your instincts, they’re on point.


What are you masterminding, Scorpio? Your intellectual energy is brilliant this week. You don’t need anyone to help you, you’re already on you’re A game with whatever you’re planning (or plotting?). Giving out boss energy, the only risk you’ll run into this week is by being too intellectual and not enough into your feels, so don’t forget to let your heart beat.


Money talks, Sagittarius. This week you’re making moves and trying out things in order to increase your financial status—and you might very well be successful. You’re testing, trying, playing, learning and studying. As long as you keep this playful energy and are willing to see the errors of your ways, you’ll find yourself climbing up the ladder.


Love is all around you, Capricorn. You’re feeling emo this week and having opportunities for sincere love, if you let your little heart expose itself. If you can focus on remaining sincere and open to others, you will find that love will flow in your life. Your focus is on relationships, and it’s a nice change, let it happen!


It’s the second week in a row that comes with a warning for you, Aquarius. There’s too much confusion for you to be realistic or grounded at this time, so tread carefully. There could be a mix of two things going on: Deception and fears. It’s going to be impossible to think this through and find out if you’re being deceived or if the deception comes from inside your mind, so focus on trusting what your body feels and limiting unnecessary exposure to risky situations. 


You’re still thriving, Pisces. It’s been some time now, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. There seems to be a focus on dropping your guard; letting go of defenses; and opening yourself up to new situations, new connections, new friendships. If you’re looking for love, look online, on networks, and in groups of people.

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