Your Weekly Horoscope, March 14th to 20th: A Rocky Awakening Will Encourage Change in Your Life

The zodiac new year is here.

This powerful weekly horoscope serves as your spring awakening. It brings growth and transformation your way. Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, adding sensitivity and imagination to your words.

The Pisces sun and Pluto, which is in Capricorn, encourage change on March 16th. Venus, which is in Pisces, connects with Pluto on the 18th, boosting your sensual desires. The Spring Equinox and Aries season occur on March 20th, bringing inspiration for the astrological new year, as you make one more trip around the zodiac. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Issues with power and control begin to come up again over the week. In what ways are you giving up your power to others? In what ways are you trying to control others or situations where you feel powerless? Find balance with people to create a shift in all relationships.


You may find yourself to be busier than you expected to be this week, which could lead you toward productivity or the need for escapism. Do you have a project you need to catch up to? Try not to let it feel too daunting, but instead have fun with it!


The activities you are doing at the moment to help expand your mind are also assisting you in other ways, namely in the ways in which you relate to others. You’re able to be seen by your professional community this week, so don’t shy away from the acknowledgment. Embrace it!


A new professional opportunity is bringing hope to your work life. It may even allow you to find a moment of clarity in what you want to achieve. The desire to evolve professionally is strong at the moment, which is why you are finding opportunities that suit your desired outcome.


You are never going to evolve if you keep on throwing low-key shade to others. Instead of leaning into the lower vibrational energy, use your power for good. Heal the world and create hope by inspiring people to move toward positivity; don’t drag people for their shortcomings. Do better!


Setting boundaries is easier said than done, especially when you are worried about being nice and kind (which you often are). Before you lean into one way of thinking, have patience and be easy with others as they understand the new format of your relationship. Just make sure to keep boundaries up.


You often look at matters of the heart from a balanced perspective. We versus me is how you’ve approached love in the past. Now, you’re wanting to embrace your partner or crush’s individuality and let them move forward in their dreams. This won’t shift the balance, but it will bring you closer.


It’s time that you bring more structure into your life. This means committing to a daily routine that allows you to wake up and go to sleep at the same time. Regulating your daily vibe will be helpful in allowing you to take on more in other areas of your life.


Your mind and heart are yearning to connect with a special someone. The caveat is that you may be taking their kindness and tenderness for granted, which is why they are holding back. Encourage them to take a leap of faith by expressing your deepest feelings and desires to them.


There is a lot happening in your sphere, which is why you’re in dire need of some rest. Take a break from mundane day-to-day activities. Sit with your thoughts before taking action and jumping to conclusions to avoid any drama that may be coming your way.


Finding a moment of peace within yourself can be hard, especially when you’re trying to take on the weight of the world. Before you invest a lot of time and energy into projects, you should take a moment to meditate to find solace and comfort within yourself. Relaxation is key.


What’s the inner vision that’s growing inside of you? Listen to what your heart wants to create now to ensure it gets life and love. Planting seeds for growth can create the desired results to manifest IRL. With the right intention and sentiment, you can bring your dreams to light.

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