Your HelloGiggles horoscope, June 9th to June 15th: Avoid big decisions on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

We start this week on a few very confusing notes. You might feel unsure of yourself, your path, your identity, and, most importantly, your beliefs and ideals. Don’t sweat it, though; this feeling only lasts for a couple days and symbolizes a confusing time overall as mistrust sets in for all of us toward authority (moral, religious, spiritual, political). Just make sure you don’t make any life-altering decisions on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday—wait it out a bit until the energy feels clearer.

You’ll find that the more the week progresses, the more anger you might display. This is part of Mercury in Cancer and is going to become significantly more potent over the next week. Do pay attention to your triggers—as much as anger can be a powerful force for change, it can also be quite destructive.

It’s time for your sun sign weekly horoscope. Check your rising sign, too, if you know it.


Cocooning at home much? You’d better expect it. This week is about taking care of your loved ones and reflecting on your emotions. More than any other sign, yours is going to suffer from the covert anger going on in the collective. You’re going to butt heads and not enjoy the passivity in the collective, fiery Aries. But you can learn from Cancer values: channel empathy and connection to your pain and emotions. Great lessons for you this week.


Time to go on a trip? The week is offering lots of stimulation and moving around. You’ll feel “on the go,” ready to pack your suitcase—and you probably should. If you’re stuck at home, this is a good time to feed your mind with food for the soul—a good book, a good friend, a good routine.


It’s time to make some serious money moves this week, Gemini. The energy is focused on your connection to the material plane, and you could find yourself being particularly assertive about your goals. Do make sure you don’t confuse assertion and aggression, as this could backfire.


Finally, the world understands you! We’re swimming in full Cancer waters and you’re getting a taste of your own medicine this week. Everyone around you is a bit cranky, sure, but also more empathetic and emotional, and finally the rest of the world looks human to you. It’s a good time to focus on yourself, and on your relationship to your image, your body, your personality, your dreams, and your goals—your whole you. If you’ve been waiting for permission to be self-centered, this is it.


This week is a bit more confusing than usual for you, Leo. You’re more keen on being at home, by yourself, and using your imagination and focusing on silence. You still have some good energy going on this week, especially on the work plane. You might find yourself reaping some rewards for the good work you’ve put in over the past weeks, but you might also find yourself detaching and wanting some alone time.


Virgo, you’re on a roll! The energy is very supportive of your dreams and ambitions, and you’ll find yourself receiving professional opportunities or manifesting the results you’ve been seeking in your job. It’s a very energetic and positive week for you—focus on being innovative and visionary.


You’re extremely focused on your career and on your professional goals this week, and just like last week, you’re still facing strong competition in your work—or so you feel. Your energy is fully dedicated to your career, and if you aren’t in a place where you’re satisfied, now is the time to think and take action to put yourself on a more satisfying path.


Going on a trip, Scorpio? Because it sure does look like a lovely time for a long-distance journey. If you aren’t going anywhere, you can expect this week to bless you with a journey of the mind. It’s a very good time for school, studies, exams of all kinds, but also training, practice, and, overall, feeding your mind with fresh perspectives and soulful connections.


It’s all about relationships this week, Sagittarius, but these waters are not necessarily easy for you to navigate. The collective is sensitive right now, and you, well, you’re you: straightforward, blunt, clumsy, and sometimes a tad insensitive. Do pay attention to people’s cues and learn from those who are more sensitive than you are—what can they teach you?


This week is all about relationships for you, Capricorn—a nice change! You could have fated love encounters this week, but do remember: fated doesn’t mean easy or lasting. Your energy is focused on building relationships, romantic and else, and the current Cancer energy is helping you achieve wholeness by embracing qualities you don’t usually display: vulnerability, emotionality, and empathy.


This week is all about connecting to yourself, to your emotions, soul desires, and self-love. You can ask yourself what you’re truly passionate about, what fills you with joy, what puts a genuine smile on your face. A good exercise for this week is to think back to when you were a child—what did you like to do?


The energy is comfortable for you this week, Pisces. Finally, the world is aligning with you, and you’ll feel quite supported and loved. You may experience a bit of self-indulgence, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t take unnecessary risks—a possibility for you this week. Focus is on love, friendship, and creativity.

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