Your HelloGiggles horoscope, June 2nd to 8th: Slow down and talk out your feelings—or else

This week we have quite a few things going on in the sky, so let’s take a quick look and get situated. First and foremost, we will be blessed by a new moon in Gemini on Monday, June 2nd that will energize this Gemini season and put the focus on intellectual affairs. Expect a reset of your mind and mindset.

Soon after, Mercury leaves the sign of Gemini and enters Cancer, which will further encourage a change of mindset, but also shows that we’re stepping into a period during which we’re all a bit more sensitive than usual, more intuitive and receptive to energies, but less capable of looking at things from an objective standpoint. This is most definitely reinforced by the presence of Mars in Cancer, which indicates increased sensitivity, defensiveness, and covert aggression.

In a nutshell, this week is one of intellect and communication activation (we want to talk, debate, think, express ourselves), but it’s happening in an atmosphere and manner that can be defensive, sensitive, aggressive, and therefore can lead to conflicts. The advice of the week is this: watch for your triggers, watch for when you feel attacked. These are the moments that need your full attention and consciousness.

Now, it’s time for your sun sign horoscopes. Check your rising sign, too, if you know it.


Your energy is quite introverted these days, Aries, which can feel like a change. Your focus is on yourself, your family, and your work. You might find yourself having to take a lot of small trips this week, or perhaps you’ll enjoy doing a lot of intellectual work, like reading and writing. The energy is supportive of your goals—enjoy the extra boost of intellectual power.


This week offers you some financial opportunities and an overall feeling of being at peace with yourself—you’re feeling good, feeling more loved. The week also offers a lot of sensual elements for you, Taurus, so you might not spend a lot of time out of the bedroom.


So much energy for you this week, Gemini! The new moon is illuminating your sign and you have a lot of stamina and assertiveness this week. It’s all about you: your goals, your desires, yourself. Don’t feel selfish; just go after what you want—after you decide what that is. Do make sure you aren’t taking things too far, too fast, though—remain balanced in your approach.


This week is going to feel like a week-long therapy session. You’re exploring parts of yourself that you don’t usually get to see, which can feel a tad uncomfortable, but it’s also a great time for you to open your heart and embrace forgiveness and compassion. Especially for yourself.


You’re still very much in work mode, Leo, but it seems like this week could kickstart the rewards after putting so much work in. You might feel a little hazy, and you should note that there are possible deceptions ahead. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.


Things are about to become less restless for you, Virgo. The energy is pushing you to be even more in your head than usual, and we know you don’t need that. However, there will be energy changes this week that are going to help you get more into your heart and less in your head, and this is going to be beneficial in all areas of your life. The focus is on work for you this week, and overall you’re asking yourself, What do I want to be known for?


You’re going to feel quite a surge of energy, Libra, and this energy is likely to play in your professional and public life. Competition might be at its peak right now, but you’ll find that if you can focus on shifting your mindset and perspective, you can come out of this situation victorious.


Time to shed those layers, Scorpio. Last month’s full moon in Scorpio pushed you to do a lot of transformation and purging work, and this week you can expect to do even more. There’s a great focus on relationships for you this week, but be sure to note when you feel anxious and compelled to seek control—these tend to be your self-destructive patterns, and indulging doesn’t help.


This week is all about relationships, Sagittarius. Whether it’s romantic, friendship, or business, you’ll feel particularly outgoing and you’ll want to connect with others. Don’t forget, people around you are often a mirror to look at yourself, so if you aren’t satisfied with your entourage, identify the common pattern and see how it plays out within you.


Work, work, work, work. This week is all about finding balance in your routine and learning how to distract yourself and not over-indulge in distraction. Often, we’ll find you overworking yourself, but occasionally fear of failure pushes you to procrastinate. This week is the perfect time to find your balance and harmony.


Finding pleasure and passion in your work and daily life is what this week is about. If you’ve experienced issues with scheduling, organization, and discipline recently, this week is the perfect time to reset the clock. Pay attention to your body—if you develop physical symptoms, look for their psychological meaning. Your body is trying to speak to you.


This week is about retreating within yourself and taking some time to be with your loved ones and family. After a time of being out and about on small trips, you’re now seeking comfort in your safe zone. Enjoy this time of cocooning.

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