Your HelloGiggles horoscope, July 7th to July 13th: Mercury’s going retrograde, and we’re in for a wild ride

Your attention please—Mercury is turning retrograde today, July 7th! But don’t worry, we’ll survive. We’ve all been through this more than a few times, since Mercury turns retrograde three times a year (and this year is no exception), but it never seems to get easier, does it?

The thing to remember is not every retrograde is the same (we’re in Cancer season, so we’re already pretty emotional), nor does it apply the same for everyone (read my workbook to work on your personal retrograde).

For this week, not only is Mercury in retrograde—aka wonky communication and energy—we also have some seriously disruptive vibes going on. Things will feel scattered, impulsive, and a tad excessive. Be sure to stay in your corner and think before you act, as recklessness is to be expected. It’s a vibe prone to accidents, shake-up, brawls, electricity, and fire—symbolic or literal.

Lots of passionate and unexpected energy going on this week, too, which is not necessarily negative, although it might be disruptive if you’ve been waiting on a significant leap forward. This is your call to action.

Let’s get down to the weekly horoscope for each sun sign. Check your ascendant sign if you know it, too.


Your love life is subject to changes this week, Aries. You could be acting impulsively, and perhaps with a bit of immaturity. You’re feeling quite passionate this week and can be particularly creative, but it’s also a good time to ask yourself how you should respond or react to situations, and to stop yourself before you self-sabotage.


This retrograde is affecting you more than anyone else, Taurus, so be super careful with communication and transportation. You might find yourself having tons of wonky events this week. Allow extra time when commuting, double check your emails, and don’t make assumptions.


Your focus is on the dollar this week, Gemini. You could be making serious financial moves, but you’re also experiencing a heavy retrograde causing you delays and miscommunication. It’s a good idea, when you feel lost and confused, to go back to your core values—what truly matters to you? What do you find essential? Rely on these answers when you feel misguided or lost.


Cake and cuddles are on the program for you this week, Cancer, but not only are you resting and doing some serious self-care, you’re also seeking to advance yourself professionally and build a stronger safety net. Do be careful with expenditures—you could be spending cash faster than you make it, which runs counter to your goals.


It’s time for a good spiritual cleansing, Leo. This week is all about the spiritual and the psychological, so the more you turn away from material values, the less trouble you’ll find on your path. This week is about facing parts of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge—flaws, hurt, traumas, self-undoing; all the things we usually sweep under the rug for the sake of being functional. This week you don’t really get a pass anymore, and the more you focus on these things, the more you’ll find yourself actually energized and ready to tackle your goals.


It’s all about your network this week for you, Virgo. I see you purging your social media, going on a cleanse, clearing up your digital identity. Your focus is on network, friends, groups, and social activities, but you feel the need to make some serious changes in these areas. You’re trying to find a sense of belonging, finding who you are and where you stand among a given group or community.


Big surprise, Libra! For once, your mind is not so much on relationships and more so on your career and overall life direction. Relationships might still have some focus for you, but it won’t be about love so much as it’s about social status (you may get some official propositions this week). You’re more concerned with your social status, social purpose, and social function, and you have some creative energy at your disposal.


This week is one of growth and heavy shifts in perspective. Keywords for this week are faith and learning; you could find yourself on a particular journey (literal or spiritual), and it’s a week of preparation, training, improvement, and learning. An actual trip is possible for you, but beware of potential delays in transportation.


Fear of intimacy, much? This week is about facing some dark truths and fears you have when it comes to commitments, intimacy, emotional availability, and intimate relationships. Your intuition is strong this week, so do let your inner voice guide you through this healing process. Money matters could definitely be on the agenda for you this week, too.


A lot of thoughts are going towards relationships and how you might have sacrificed them for other activities in your life. This week is all about reflecting on partnerships and the balance of give and take. Whatever happens in your love life this week, don’t sweat it, things are likely to change and improve after Mercury Retrograde ends.


It’s possible that your health has been the subject of changes since the last eclipse, and if you have any health concerns, do note that unless you address the emotional roots of the issues, you won’t get any results. Especially so if it’s gut-related, and it’s likely to be—so you need to address those blocked emotions. This week is, overall, about retrieving balance and routine. It’s a really good time to sign up for a yoga class or schedule a spa treatment.


The word that comes to mind for you this week is fertility. Whether we’re talking babies or a creative surge, it’s a life-blossoming type of energy. What’s for sure is this week is all about being full, feeling full. If you know a little bit about the chakras, this week is all about the solar plexus and the heart; you’re called to feel a great amount of love and reflect on what love and life, two very common words yet often quite empty of meaning, really mean to you.

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