Your Weekly Horoscope, January 3rd to 9th: A Cosmic Shift Will Alter Your Reality

It's time to speak your truth.

This weekly horoscope brings many planetary shifts, which means change is in the air. Mercury and Pluto link up in the sign of Capricorn on January 4th, adding power and certainty to your words. Two days later, action planet Mars enters Taurus and allows you to take a more passive approach to confrontation.

Next, Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on January 8th, pushing you to step up your communication with your relationships. Later in the day, the Capricorn sun and Neptune connect, adding loftiness to your visions. Mercury and Mars square off in the evening of the 8th, creating drama and arguments (if you aren’t careful). Venus and Mars softly align on January 9th, blending tenderness into romance. And then Mercury and Saturn conjunct each other in the late evening on the 9th, urging you to speak your truth and mean what you say.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


All the ups and downs of the past year have finally taken a toll on your emotions, leaving you energetically depleted. You’re in desperate need of some R&R. Instead of letting your anxieties consume your mind, try to chill out for at least one minute during the day.


Look within yourself and to the past for the answers you are searching for. Your spirit and positivity will grow. Most importantly, you will transform the faith you have for yourself and for the future. Your past is lighting the way for you to evolve and move into a better future.


It may be hard to let go (change is hard for everyone, not just you); however, it’s time you gamble on yourself and give yourself the chance to be happy. You’re on the road towards healing and recovery. Don’t give up now. The greatest risk of all is loving yourself.


It may be hard to get intimate with those you care about, even though you truly want to have a deep connection with them. Let go of the fear you have within, and allow yourself to take little baby steps towards getting to know your squad, lovers, and family better.


Stepping up your game when it comes to love is extremely important now. Letting that special someone know how you feel will take your relationship to the next level. Not only that, but it will also mend past confusion and bring you both to a deeper understanding of each other.


It’s hard to get back into life after the holidays. Be patient with yourself and others as you ease into your personal groove as work recommences. The lesson you need to implement into your daily vibe this year is to have a more relaxed approach to getting things done.


Anxieties are rising within yourself, mostly because you are moving away from the old way of thinking and into a new mindset. Before you allow tensions to overtake you, try distracting yourself for a few minutes. Not thinking about matters so deeply will ease your mind over the days ahead.


Words have power, and they can hurt if not used properly. Think before you let people know how you feel to ensure that you aren’t being mean with how you choose to express your sentiments. Then, you can avoid drama with those in your social circle and your family.


Money issues have come to a head, making you rethink your shopping habits. Before you have a major meltdown over past decisions, try to use your vitality to make better financial decisions and plan to save over the next few weeks to elevate your bank account. Don’t dwell. Push forward.


You have a very deep side to you that not everyone sees—until now. This week, you are expressing your innermost feelings to everyone you know: the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will understand that you are trying to evolve and that this is part of the healing process.


There are changes happening within yourself, which may feel confusing to you. Before you start gaslighting yourself about your feelings and getting stuck in a cycle, meditate on what transformations are brewing inside you. Then, you can move in great strides towards achieving and attaining greatness.


It’s time that you started taking stock of things that matter to you instead of taking them for granted. Start the new year off on the right foot. Make a gratitude list this week to ensure that you are looking at the bright side of situations and not at the negative.

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