Your HelloGiggles horoscope, January 27th to February 2nd: The intangible is finally becoming real

Let’s take a collective breath. Because, honestly, this last week has been tough. The Super Blood Wolf Moon on the 20th stirred up a ton of emotions for many of us, and its impact has lingered throughout the week, leaving an unsettling feeling that’s a bit “I’m ready for a new beginning!” but also “I feel stuck. I don’t know what to do.” Sound familiar? It’s as if we’re brimming with these amazing ideas and inspiration, yet still feel trapped by our own ego, restlessness, and uncertainty, which makes real, solid change feel overwhelming. We’re definitely shedding the old in order to embrace the new, and, thankfully, this week we’ll feel more capable of change than ever.

On January 31st, Saturn in Capricorn forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which means we’ll have the means to give our bright ideas discipline and structure. What seemed intangible now feels within reach. We’ll be able to recognize and use the tools at our disposal to put our goals into practice, as well as trust in the hope we hold in our hearts. Because hope sees a dream through.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope:


It’s okay to ask for help sometimes, Aquarius. Your big dreams need a support system in order to thrive. Call in the cavalry; they’re ready to help.


Being overwhelmed with your feelings only means you lack an outlet for your sensitive nature, Pisces. Where are you being called toward? Heed the call, and you’ll feel grounded.


You’re committed to making it to the top, Aries, but sometimes what you need is what you already have. Don’t forget to acknowledge where you’re at right now.


You’re a lot stronger than you realize, Taurus. You’re a pillar of strength and stability, actually. This is one of your greatest superpowers. Don’t be afraid to use it.


You would like to organize your world, Gemini, but you’re finding it hard to concentrate (surprise!). Take it one day, one task at a time. You might even find comfort in the slowness of it all. Really.


It’s easy for you to get the sads in general, Cancer. The winter months certainly don’t help. Brighten up your world by creating small movement within your life. A date, a new hobby. It all helps.


You don’t like being still, Leo. You also don’t like being at someone’s mercy. But one of your greatest lessons in this life is humility. Own that, and you will witness a shift.


You have a long-held wish, Virgo, but your practical nature won’t let you go after it. It’s okay to let yourself go and have what you want. So, do it.


It’s difficult to make up your mind when you long for validation, Libra. Such is your curse in life. The thing is: you can’t make a wrong decision because whatever’s meant to be, will be. Free yourself up and decide.


Which direction do you want to take, Scorpio? You’ve been ruminating on this for a while, but you’ll have to go with your gut. Trust your insane intuition. You know you best.


Sometimes the biggest adventures  happen in our daily life, Sag. Try to find and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and you’ll find your world expands more than ever before.


You’re in a rush to get somewhere, Capricorn, but your intention is to escape what’s ailing you rather than facing it head on. Illuminate your shadow, acknowledge and appreciate it. And then you’ll get to where you want to go.

This week we’re able to see how our most creative and dreamiest dreams can come to fruition, bbs, if we give ourselves not only the structure to make them so, but also the permission to believe in them.

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