Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, January 26th to February 1st: A chaotic, sweet energy is in full force

This is the week when you may see the world through rose-colored glasses. With Venus conjunct Neptune on January 27th, you may begin to find yourself falling deeply in love with someone special or with the world or life in general, so expect to feel idealistic, dreamy, and willing to see the best in everyone. Plus, the difficult Saturn-Pluto conjunction is separating, so it will be easier to breathe and relax during this time.

But even though we may be feeling lighter, there will be a lot of cat-and-mouse games going on. This means that love affairs can occur ,and you may find yourself even more passionate than you normally do.

Let’s check out your weekly horoscope, shall we? Plus, don’t forget to check our your rising sign, too!


With all due respect, Aries, you need to start taking care of yourself, your needs, your finances, and your security. Luckily, this is the week to tackle all of these things because you’re in a good position to achieve your goals and desires. When you feel grounded, focus on self-care and lay down solid foundations—soon your life will begin to feel better than ever.


A lot is going on for you this week. In addition to feeling artsy and spiritual, the fast-paced energy is pushing you to be a little more scattered and energized than normal—and this totally goes against your methodical way of thinking. Use your grounding skills to get yourself back in the present moment when things begin to feel too hectic, and use your imagination skills to up your professional life. Once you have a system in place, everything should feel good as new.


Are you feeling passionate, Gemini? Love, passion, and attraction are in the air for you. You could find yourself feeling particularly creative and having the urge to go on a spontaneous trip or date. Either way, embrace this fiery energy you’re feeling before it sizzles out. 


Are you feeling indecisive, Cancer? Be kind to yourself as you try to figure things out. It’s okay—we all get stuck sometimes, and sometimes, getting stuck is the best way to navigate and make better decisions. While this could also mean that you’re hesitating and testing things when it comes to relationships, just remember that this may not be the time for you to make bold decisions.


No one can resist you this week, Leo. Not only is your natal charisma and energy magnified, but you’re also feeling particularly courageous and creative. Because of this, things are looking good for you when it comes to love, as you may find yourself feeling extra passionate and attractive. Go get ’em, tiger.


While you love being a know-it-all and telling other people how to do things, your best option is to take the humble road and silently learn from others this week. The truth is, you don’t have to try to be right, especially this week. Instead, you may want to see what other people can teach you and refine your skills or knowledge based on that information. The more you focus on what you can learn from your diverse relationships, the more growth you will achieve.


Look at you, Libra—you’re starting to realize that life isn’t so bad after all and that the possibilities are endless. Because of this good news, you may want to start a creative project, organize a vibrant social life, or simply go on an impromptu road trip. While it took some time for you to get here, we’re glad you’re here.


This week is a little emotional for you, Scorpio. Not only is the energy a little bit too electric and fast-paced for you, but you’re also feeling overwhelmed. While you can normally handle intense situations, you prefer to process your feelings at your own (slow) pace. Unfortunately, this is not the case for you this week. Focus on grounding yourself, remaining in the present moment, and leaning on your friends and family. If there were ever a time for you to use them as support, this is it.


You’ve been on a strike, Sagittarius—and this week is no exception. It’s time to celebrate and make changes to your housing or family situation. Good news is, you have the energy and drive to accomplish whatever you want to achieve this week, so you have no excuse not to do it.


Are you feeling particularly tired or ill, Capricorn? Pushing through your exhaustion will only lead to more exhaustion, so respect your body and rest accordingly, without feeling guilty or judging yourself. Plus, for the next three to four weeks, you may feel imbalanced or unsure of the path you want to take, so allow yourself a period of transition to help you get your bearings.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! While you may have been feeling restless and wanting to go on adventures to discover new territories, you might not have the ability or time to do so. But don’t pine over these delays in your plans—you can just plan for your next adventure instead. Mercury is retrograde soon, so plan now when you have this overall supportive energy from the universe. 


Have you been wanting to reconnect with your friends, Pisces? Well, this is the week to do it. Go out and make new friends, reconnect with old buddies, attend networking events, or make new connections online. Because you have a nurturing social energy this week, it’s time to engage in as much social mingling as you can.

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