Your HelloGiggles Weekly Horoscope, January 12th to January 18th: This week is all about healing and new beginnings

While we started 2020 with a bang and got to experience powerful and heavy shifts within the last few weeks, we’re also currently recovering from the lunar eclipse’s intense vibes since it appeared on Friday.

The good news is, the astro weather is softening each day, so remain patient with yourself if you’ve been feeling emotional or overly intense. Eclipses always provide a lot of overwhelming energy, and the best thing you can do is to not judge yourself and practice self-compassion instead. Thankfully, Venus is entering Pisces next week, which will help ease all this energy.

Let’s dive into our weekly horoscope, shall we? Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.


You’re extremely focused on your work and family this week, Aries. While you might be seeking outward success, achievements and results, you’re internally trying to shed self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs. Unfortunately, you can’t separate the two because if you want to grow your external world, you should strive to heal your inner world. 


This will be an adventurous and dreamy week for you, Taurus. Because you have a lot going on in your head, this is a great time to use your imagination to make your dream life a reality. Whether you decide to indulge in your visions and fantasies or plan a dream trip, you’ll feel particularly creative and joyful during this time—so enjoy it!


Love is in the air, Gemini. Whatever your romantic status may be, you can expect to have a few events appear this week that involve relationships. Because this is a time of new beginnings and renewed commitments, you’ll want to restore harmony and work with a “we” attitude instead of with an “I” attitude. But keep in mind that meeting someone new might turn into a very important relationship. So go out and have fun!


Good news is, love is also in the air for you, Cancer. Bad new is, you may feel like you have to make a difficult decision or you may feel split between choosing with your heart and choosing with your mind. While this situation may have been going on for a while, it doesn’t help that you’re currently feeling confused and being indecisive. But if the answer is still not clear, then wait it out. Trust that clarity will come when you’re ready to receive it.  


You’re all about healing and refining things this week, Leo. You could be trying to heal from a broken heart, recover from old wounds, or work on yourself. When it comes to work, you’re likely be working too hard by plunging into the details of a project or task with great dedication. Either way, remember to focus on healing.


You’re taking foolish risks and throwing yourself into reckless adventures—and this is quite out of character. Of course, you want to limit the amount of risks you take and avoid dangerous situations, but experiment and have fun! Now is the time to be bold and try different things.


This week is all about grieving. You could be finding yourself exploring old childhood experiences or ruminating about what was, what wasn’t, and what you wish was different. Good news is, you’re on the right side of the fence because you’re recovering and healing. But because there’s still a strong emotional charge this week, try to take things slow and take care of yourself. Be patient, be compassionate, and be kind with yourself.


You’re thinking a lot about communication this week, Scorpio. You’re analyzing your thought patterns and communication patterns, and trying to figure out ways to effectively talk with other people. Because of this, truly think before you make any decisions. Gather as much knowledge as you can and consider that other people can teach you things as well. This is the time to focus on having better conversations with people. The more you refine your collaborative skills, the more success you’ll experience.  


Are you ready to receive abundance? Good, because most of your wishes are coming true this week, specifically anything that has to do with finances, real estate, and money. Just focus on your attitude. Be grateful, be generous, and don’t be arrogant or smug about your blessings.


You could be feeling a lot of pressure to achieve and get things done, Capricorn. While you could use this momentum to get knock off your to-do list, you also want to give yourself a break from all the pressure you’re feeling. During this time, you’re trying to establish yourself, assert your desires, and fulfill your goals. And while this is normal behavior for you, you may feel this energy even more so this week. To get ahead, asses what is weighing you down and what is energizing and inspiring you. Also, use this time to declutter and lighten your load.  


You have an energy leak, Aquarius, and this is the time to assess where it’s coming from. What are your boundaries? Do you have them in place? Who and what makes you tired? And where do you pour your energy without receiving anything in return? Reflect on investments of money and energy to see what needs to be reinforced and what needs to be dropped.


You’re branching out, expanding, making new connections and friends, and growing your reach and network. While you could be feeling particularly peaceful and harmonious, you also could be feeling restless when it comes to your creative energy. Plus, this is a great time to meet someone new, particularly through online activities or groups—so get to it!

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