Your Weekly Horoscope, January 10th to January 16th: Heavy Changes Are on the Horizon

You can thank the new moon for this.

This weekly horoscope brings changes, which you should move towards if you’re ready to. Mercury and Jupiter link up in Aquarius on January 11th, expanding your horizons and mind.

Mercury and Uranus, which is retrograde in Taurus, square off on the 12th. This will create a lot of excitement in the cosmos, making the information you hear excitable. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will bring major changes your way. Mars, which is in Taurus, will collide with Saturn, which is in Aquarius, on January 13th. This will lead to pushback against authority.

Later in the day, Venus, which is in Capricorn, and Uranus connect, adding vitality to your romantic sentiments. The sun and Pluto align in Capricorn on the 14th, heightening the intensity from the new moon. Then finally, Uranus ends its five-month retrograde on the 14th, awakening you from your dreams and urging you to put your visions in motion. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Don’t forget to read your rising sign, too.


Changes are happening in your social sphere, most of which you aren’t ready for. Before you argue with your bestie over what’s fair or not, take a step back and choose the high road. You won’t be able to maintain friendships with words. Instead, let them feel your views and sentiments. 


A fun, exciting, and creative project is headed your way at work. Before you lean into this new professional venture, make sure that you have the time to take it on. You may have to make some changes in your workload and schedule to be a part of this opportunity.


Being at peace with yourself and your thoughts has taken a lifetime of self-work. Now, more than ever, you are able to see your splendor on a deeper level, which will inspire and bring more positive changes your way. Your hard work has paid off. Relish in these moments.


Life has brought many changes your way this week, especially in your friend group. Before you scramble to decide who you want in your life and who you don’t, consider that friendships are ever-changing and you will connect with your pals when they are able to. Don’t stress it!


A professional endeavor is coming your way, which veers from the norm of what you’ve been doing for a while at work. Although you never thought your career would change, it may be nice to take on a different role and explore this opportunity further. TBH, you may even enjoy it.


You’re not in the mood to stick to a schedule or to meet deadlines. You are wanting to dedicate your time and energy to embrace a deeper spiritual connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. Feeling good about oneself is key—run towards what makes you happy.


Change is in the air, which may make you feel off-balanced throughout the week. In order to be able to go with the flow, you’ll need to find your calm-place. This will help you to be centered and chill at all times, rather than feeling emotionally erratic and mentally drained.


Your home is growing into an amazing and loving space. This means that stagnant energy is shifting and becoming less intense. Feel and embrace the positive changes that are happening in your personal space. Your whole vibe will start to shift as a result. Move towards inner expansion, Scorpio.


You’re never at a loss for words. But, you do often struggle with finding the right way to express yourself. Instead of always having unsolicited commentary on a situation, take a step back before sending the last dramatic text to someone you’re arguing with. Lead with kindness before starting arguments.


Your world is changing at rampant speed this week, which means you’ll be making transformations along the way. Think about what aspect of your life you would like to harvest and grow. Then, you can welcome all the changes that you need to in your life. It’ll help you evolve. 


You’re ready to express your emotions to others. However, you feel as though they may judge you for your sentiments. The thing is, you’re the one who’s passing judgments on yourself, not them. Be more kind and gentle with yourself this week. Let your true self be known.


On the road to personal evolution, you’re being met with obstacles that are important and essential for you to overcome. Don’t run away from the emotions and fears that are coming to a head now. Although it’s challenging, lean into them. Squashing them will take work, but it’ll be rewarding.

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