Your HelloGiggles horoscope, September 30th to October 6th: Enjoy your full social calendar while it lasts

Ooh boy. It’s a new month, and Libra season is in full swing this week. The Scales are the social butterfly of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if your calendar starts blowing up. We’re all feeling a little lighter than we have in a while, and, naturally, we’re looking to connect and celebrate this rad new vibe. Let the good times roll.

…Well, at least for a little while. Womp womp. Because Venus will turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 6th where it will stay until November 16th. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio means we have some deep diving to do. The Universe is serving up intensity and gunk, forcing us to face the hard truths of our relationships. So until then, enjoy the company you keep and stay focused on your own lane.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope.


You’re a natural charmer, Libra, and people love being around you. But do you love being around them? Relationships are stronger and healthier when they’re reciprocal in love and attention. Stick to those who light you up, and say goodbye to those who don’t.


You’re not feeling like yourself, Scorpio. Blame it on Venus going retrograde in your sign. However, see this as an opportunity to clean up your vibration. Don’t be afraid to unabashedly want and go after the things, and people, you desire. Let the rest go.


Should you stay or should you go? This is the question you’ve been battling with for a while. Maybe it’s a relationship, a job, or even your place of residence. If the situation makes you feel safe, stay. But if you’re encountering a ton of resistance, leave. It’s time.


While you’d rather keep your head down and concentrate on work, Capricorn, the stars want you to pay attention to your social life. Reconnecting with friends will soothe you in deeper ways than your many projects ever could. It’s okay to play.


Remaining in your truth no matter what the world throws at you, Aquarius, is one of your biggest lessons in life, and you’re in for a reminder this week. Don’t let your happinesses be dependent on someone else. Focusing on who you are and what you want is the key.


Your intuition is at an all-time high, Pisces, as you’re tapping into the feelings of your loved ones. Your gut is telling you something is off. You know what you have to do. Trust yourself and keep your self-care a priority.


You’re trying too hard at something, Aries. You’ve been working non-stop yet yielding very little results. You don’t have to try so hard. Sometimes allowing things to work themselves out is the best thing you can do. What will be, will be.


It’s challenging for you to be at peace with your life at times, Taurus. Which is why you find distractions so soothing. You’re often afraid to take the reins of your life, however it’s not until we take control that we find the freedom and happiness we crave.


Being receptive to other people’s ideas and inspiration is difficult for you, Gemini. But this is precisely what you need to do. You’ll find that when you pool resources, you’re able to accomplish a lot more than if you were to go it alone. So, #goteam!


You’re back on nostalgia lane this week, Cancer. You visit here often when you’re unhappy in your current reality and/or when you second-guess the decisions you’ve made. You need to trust that your present is far more powerful and positive than your past. You did the right thing.


You can be impulsive at times, Leo, especially when things feel really good. But it’s important to remember the phrase, “All that glitters is not gold.” Taking things slowly and being discriminate will help you move forward in both your professional and personal life.


You create your own reality, Virgo. And if you think something is going to be hard or uncomfortable, it probably will be. It would behoove you to see the rainbow despite the rain cloud that hovers over your head. Be clear with what you want and believe it will happen.

Amidst the dinner parties and coffee dates, this week is preparing us for what’s coming up: the unraveling of relationships and notions of what it means to be connected that we’ve held dear for a long time. Enjoy the reach-outs and impromptu invites, bbs. It won’t be this jovial for a while.

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