Your HelloGiggles horoscope, May 27th to June 2nd: We’re feeling fresh AF

We’re full-swing into Gemini season and ending May with a full Flower Moon. What does this mean? Well, lemme tell you: lots of good stuff. Thanks to the zany and intellectual Gemini energy, we’re being called to examine ourselves with curiosity and lightness as we plant the seeds during the full moon for amazing projects, relationships, and opportunities to come. When it comes to your weekly horoscope, that’s what’s in store.

As we bid adieu to the crazy and cozy month of May (and Taurus season), we embrace June with the open energy that only the start of summer and Gemini can bring. Think tons of mingling, exercising outdoors, and fresh starts. Good vibes everywhere, bbs.

Check out what this week brings for your zodiac sign below.


Happy birthday to you, Gemini! You’re feeling this birthday season as you entertain all types of adventures. Whether you’re embarking on a passionate affair or digging deep into your intellectual side, you are exploring all sides of your personality. Don’t forget to rest your busy mind, too.


You’re in for a major career overhaul, Cancer. This might sound unsettling for the comfortable crab, but this is actually what you’ve been dreaming about for a while. You’re in for some downtime as you look back on what you’ve achieved thus far and where you want to go. You’ve got this.


You’re bursting at the creative seams, Leo. You have a lot of creative ideas, passion for your projects, and you’re definitely on the right track…BUT the stars warn against taking any short-cuts. Instant fame sounds good but integrity and a long-term career feels better. Don’t forget that.


It’s time to get super clear with your goals and intentions, Virgo. The more laser-focused we are about what we want, the faster we’re able to manifest our wildest dreams. You have many irons in the fire, but now is the time to focus on the one that makes your heart sing.


“Slow and steady wins the race” is your mantra this week, Libra. You are looking at all facets of your life — from career to love — and are in need of a major facelift. Instead of rushing into major change, now is the time to brainstorm and take deliberate, step-by-step action.


You’re surrounded by the energy of transformation this week. As a passionate Scorpio, you might find your love life transformed inside and outside of the bedroom. You’ll also (and finally) see fruits of your labor come to fruition, which will put things in motion.


You have a busy social calendar right now, Sag. You’re feeling in your zone on the friendship and professional front, but unfortunately, the love life isn’t lining up. In fact, your love life is pretty chaotic at the moment. You might be juggling or taking on too much in that department. Take a moment and see how you can lessen the drama.


You’re going to detox your life, Cappy. I’m not just talking about exercising and juicing — I’m talking about doing some heavy-duty lifting when it comes to your habitual thoughts and behavior. This is deep, spiritual stuff, but the inner work will reward you externally. Eventually. Hang in there.


You’re filled with tons of ideas this week, Aquarius. You want to invent, create, and save the world — all at the same time. Lofty goals are admirable and you should aim high, but make sure your goals aren’t self-serving. Are you in it to help others or to elevate your profile? It’s time for an integrity inventory.


You’re encountering many contradictions this week, Pisces. On one hand you might be feeling free, while on the other hand, you’re feeling restricted in another area in your life. Maybe you receive a raise, but are dealing with heartbreak. Whatever it is, take the time to constantly ground yourself and see the positive in your lessons.


You’re in for some major career advancement, Aries. You make an awesome #girlboss, but make sure you don’t let your impatience interfere with the natural progression of your ideas and new role. Trust the timing of the Universe and enjoy your achievements right now. It’s okay to relax.


It’s time to get real with yourself, Taurus. You’ve been on cruise control for some time and now, the stars are urging you to reach beyond your comfort zone. They want you to be honest with your desires and acknowledge where you’re headed. Denial and stagnancy can only hinder you. Don’t be afraid to grow — you deserve to fly.

There’s a beautiful and inspiring energy to play with this week, bbs. Make your intentions, plant the seeds, and trust that the stars will align you with everything you dream of at the right place, at the right time.

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