Your HelloGiggles horoscope, June 3rd to June 9th: Time to grow AND glow

June is here, which means summer is (almost!) here — which means sunshine and warm weather and the desire to go out and connect with people and nature are on their way. Factor in the curious and playful energy of Gemini season and we’re all about those summer lovin’ vibes. As we approach this time, let’s take a look at how the stars will affect each zodiac sign.

We’re also in the midst of a quiet astrological time as we recover from last week’s beautiful Full Flower Moon — which forced many of us to grow and blossom — and await next week’s new moon. This is the perfect time to enjoy the waiting game before we embark on new adventures. Continue being present while embracing these good vibes and your best self, and you have a good chance for one sunny week.

Here’s what your weekly horoscope has in store for you.


Solar returns — when the sun lands in your sign — are always a magical time. You’re in for a cosmic event during next week’s new moon, so in the meantime, bask in your birthday-girl glow. Follow up on passion projects, spend time with loved ones, and don’t forget to get your flirt on.


It’s time to say goodbye to bad habits, Cancer. You’re a creature of habit, but there are some habits that need to be broken. Maybe it’s a late-night snack addiction or hanging out with a toxic friend, or maybe it’s complaining too much. Whatever it is, it’s time to cut it out.


This is your moment to share the spotlight, Leo. Now is the time to reach out within your community for some collaboration on a creative project. It could even mean being mentored or becoming a mentor. It’s time to spread the love and learn that two heads are often better than one.


It’s peak time for your career, Virgo. You are definitely having a moment, which might be making your introverted soul a little uncomfortable right now. You’ve worked hard for this achievement, so don’t shrink from your light. Enjoy this moment and then do what you do best: get back to work.


You’re being called to expand in new and brilliant ways, Libra. This could mean chasing after a dream job or internship, or even embarking on a global adventure. Trust your instincts and go toward what you believe will really help you level up. You’ve got this.


You’re future-tripping, Scorpio. You’ve got a lot on your plate and on the horizon, and it’s causing you to stress out. The best way to deal? Stay in the present, take your attention off of what worries you, and deal with what you can, day by day. Breathe, and remember everything is figure-out-able. Trust.


You’ve been feeling a little lonely lately, Sag, which drives you nutty because you love your independence. But it’s perfectly normal (and healthy) to want to be surrounded by some good lovin’, platonically or romantically. Join a new club or partake in a new activity, and keep an open mind.


You’re taking care of business, Cappy. Whether that means doing the necessary errands, eating healthy, or working out regularly, you are grounding yourself in tons of self-care tasks. This is great groundwork for what’s around the corner for you, so keep maintaining yourself. You’ll need what you’ve got when things get moving forward soon.


You’re feeling super creative right now, Aquarius. Dare to express yourself in new and brilliant ways, because you’re tapping into something wild and beautiful that could send you to new heights, professionally or even spiritually. Creativity is a magical release. Enjoy it.


You might be feeling all over the place lately, Pisces. Your super sensitive and dreamy energy is amplified right now, which might make you feel anxious and/or ultra emotional. You need to find ways to ground yourself. Take a walk in nature, lose yourself in a fun hobby — do whatever gets you out of your head.


You’re really feeling yourself right now, Aries. From work to play, you’re feeling confident and vivacious and totally in your zone. Don’t second-guess this moment because then you’ll set yourself up for self-sabotage. Believe you’re entitled to this moment and that the Universe has your back — because it does.


It’s time to get real, Taurus. You’ve been hiding or denying the truth about your situation, and now the frank energy of Gemini wants you to snap out of it. It’s finally time for you to get your ducks in a row. Take the time you need to heal, adjust, and move forward with your new life.

We’re in for wonderful energy this week, bbs, as we prepare ourselves for new cosmic changes next week. Learn your lessons, ground yourself, and above all, have fun.

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