Your HelloGiggles horoscope, July 8th to July 14th: Lady Luck is on your side

Okay, let’s be real: this summer is hella intense. Thanks to retrogrades in Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, we’ve endured lots of emotions and uncertainty despite our best efforts to take a break from it all and enjoy the sunshine. Though there isn’t much of an end in sight for a little while, there is good news on the way: Jupiter goes direct this week, bringing some much-needed good fortune to our lives. Here’s what else the stars have in store for you this week.

With Jupiter going direct on July 10th, we’re finally in for some lightness. We’re coming out of a dark period where we faced some hard truths about ourselves, and now we’re coming out on the other side. Phew! While not everything’s sunny and bright, at least now we’re able to face harsh realities with the knowledge and confidence that we can handle it. And because Jupiter’s the planet of luck, don’t be surprised if Lady Luck throws a much-deserved blessing your way.

Here’s what else is happening in your weekly horoscope.


The gods of fortune are shining bright on you, Cancer, so whatever it is that you want to do — do it. Maybe you want to apply for that dream job or even a painting class. The point isn’t what you do, it’s that you’re honoring both your heart and who you really are. If you needed a sign to try that thing, here it is.


You might be feeling a little lonely right now, Leo. Maybe your squad’s busy or you’re going through a rough patch with your love life — or maybe it’s both. Instead of feeling sad and helpless, take this time as an opportunity to be your own best friend and know that self-love is the best love.


You’re getting really clear on your goals, Virgo. Now all you have to do is take action. Easier said than done. You’ll be looking for ways to take that first big step, which is why it’s a good idea to reach out to friends, family, and/or coworkers for support. It’s okay to ask for help — especially if it will help you get moving.


You’re embracing your inner domestic goddess, Libra. Perhaps you’re in nesting mode or maybe you want to splurge on your new digs — whatever it is, you’re all about staying home and beautifying your surroundings. You might not be able to control your love life (which is bothering you right now) but you can paint your living room.


It’s time to really focus on what you want, Scorpio. You’ve been distracted by flaky people and tons of feels, but now you’re ready to get down to business. Make a plan and then make sure you take steps toward it every day. For example, if you’d like to write a book, write 500 words a day. You’ve got this.


Jupiter is spreading her wealth and you’re reaping the rewards, Sag. Maybe you’ll finally receive that much-deserved raise or an unexpected gift. Take this blessing, appreciate it, and know that you deserve it. Then pay it forward in some small way (for instance, treat a pal to coffee) because #karma.


Though you’re frustrated with your first love — work — there is real love to be found for you, Cappy, if you just take the time to look up from your desk. The cosmos are delaying job satisfaction right now, so you might as well let yourself feel satisfied in other areas *wink*. Go get yours!


You’re working hard for that $$, Aquarius, but luckily Jupiter is shining favorably — just when you were thinking of throwing in the towel. You might connect with an important VIP who has a job opportunity, or you might be recognized for your efforts with a raise. This is your time to shine, so enjoy.


You’re feeling super flirty this week, Pisces. If you’re in a relationship, plan a unique date experience with your loved one and go all out. If you’re single, don’t be afraid to play the field. In fact, the cosmos demand it. Keep your options open, because you just might meet The One. No matter what, have fun.


You’re learning the virtue of patience, Aries. You aren’t the most patient of the zodiac, so this is a hard lesson for you. However, taking things slowly and allowing things to happen rather than forcing them has a way of working out big time, and you will see the benefits of the “wait and see” tactic. Hang in there.


You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, Taurus, which is why a sweet little visit from Cupid is such a nice surprise. If attached, you could have an impromptu “afternoon delight,” adding some freshness to your partnership. Single? You could meet someone and fall head over heels. Keep an open mind…then fall.


You like being busy, Gemini, so this week’s message is all about “be careful what you wish for.” You’re definitely burning the candle at both ends and feeling stretched in different directions. Make sure you’re doing things that really make your heart sing — then, at least, the burnout is kind of worth it. Otherwise, let something go.

We’ll be feeling some intense energy this week, bbs, but the good news is that it won’t feel all that dark. In fact, there is a ray of sunshine in our lives that will feel bigger and brighter if we take the time to appreciate the good stuff over the bad. So count your blessings, and tackle the week with gusto.

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