Your HelloGiggles Horoscope, July 1st to July 7th: At least the stars are happy this week

We’ve been through a hell of a lot this week. But as we kick off the month of July with friends, family, and Fourth of July BBQs, the stars couldn’t be happier. Sure, we’re dealing with a ton of retrogrades (not to mention an upcoming Mercury one at the end of this month) and we’re still reeling from our Full Moon reality check. But there’s an exuberant and enthusiastic energy this week that can’t be ignored. Wondering how it will affect your zodiac sign?

The majority of the signs will feel super relaxed, which is awesome because it’s summertime and the long weekend (in the middle of the week, which is weird, but okay). But as you’re soaking up these good vibes with your squad, it’s important to be wary of quick tempers flaring up and feisty debates that seemingly come out of nowhere. Try not to engage in any sort of competition and instead channel any frustration into yoga or meditation. Or take a deep breath.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this week.


You’re still in birthday mode, Cancer, so you’re really feeling yourself this week. However, you’re in for a bit of a wake-up call post-birthday and post-Fourth of July festivities. You have goals that have yet to be completed, and now is the time to plan the next steps so you can achieve what you’re meant to do.


You’re in #girlboss mode, Leo. Even when you’re hanging out with friends and fam, you’re still thinking of ways to get to the top. Don’t curb this ambition! Networking and using your innate charm are fantastic ways to meet VIPs and seek out opportunities. I’d remind you to have fun, but you’re always good at that.


Because you’re feeling more playful than usual, Virgo, you’re in the mood to dabble in creative outlets, like writing, drawing, or even dancing. Explore these impulses. Doing things out of your comfort zone is amazing for the mind and personal growth, and you’re all about growing and evolving.


You’re feeling a bit tested this week, Libra. Maybe you’ll be asked to stretch yourself further at work or at home, or both. Although it’s tempting to lose your cool, try to see these moments as chances to really prove how badass you are. Shine bright like the star you are, and your winning attitude will make it seem less like a chore.


This is a good week, Scorpio, and you’re due for one. Soak up the sun and enjoy your time with friends and family. Really use this time to let your hair down and be in the present moment. If a new love interest gets your attention, now is the time to get your flirt on. You are in the zone.


You are in a very flowy state of mind, Sag. Meaning you are letting things happen rather than forcing things, and you are reaping the awesome benefits of allowing. This new perspective will shine a light on a situation or goal that might either break open in a different way or close for good. Either way, it’s for the best.


You’re feeling an enormous amount of pressure right now, Cappy. Though it might be coming from external influences, like your boss and/or family, make sure that this pressure isn’t coming from within. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s good to drop a ball or two and take care of what really matters: you.


This week brings a lot of people into your world, Aquarius. You love meeting new people, but be careful who you welcome into your tribe. Not everyone has the same heart as you. It’s okay to be cautious, and if someone doesn’t vibe with you, it’s more than okay to walk away.


You’re feeling a lot of inner peace, Pisces, which is so, so good. Ride this joyous and calm feeling, and create whatever it is that you’re dying to create. You are your most productive and clear when you feel serene and confident about your world. So enjoy this moment and make the most from it!


Your impulsive nature might land you in hot water this week, Aries. You could find yourself in a number of unwanted arguments. The solution? Bite your tongue. However, if it’s too late, humility and an apology go a long way. Even if you feel you’re in the right, be the bigger person and wave the white flag.


You’re feeling a joie de vivre this week, Taurus, and since you love living life to the fullest — sex! food! comfort! — then that’s basically what you’ll be up until life gets back to normal next week. However, enjoy this beauty of a moment while it lasts — you know you have big changes up ahead.


You’re feeling sharper than ever, Gemini, which means this is an excellent week to make bold moves. Go after new opportunities or join new clubs. Delve deeper into topics that really interest you. You never know the connections you could make through these new things, romantic or otherwise.

This week will mostly be chill, bbs, but don’t be surprised if things get a little hotter than the sun. Keep your head down and try to focus on what matters most: peace of mind.

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