Your HelloGiggles horoscope, August 5th to August 11th: More cosmically funky events are coming

Just when you thought you had a hold on this volatile retrograde season (we’ve got five going on right now!) and had come to terms with the revelations that the lunar eclipse brought last week, we’re getting hit with another cosmic event: a solar eclipse in Leo on August 11th. So what’s in store for you this week? Read on for insight.

The Leo solar eclipse will require more digging deep and unearthing our heart’s desires. In the days ahead of the solar eclipse, it’s a good idea to take care of yourself. This means: be gentle with your feelings as well as the feelings of others. Focus on enjoying the moment as much as you can—especially since Mercury Retrograde is also still in play, meaning we need to practice patience and trust during this wonky time. When in doubt, remember that nothing lasts forever, whether pain or joy.

Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week.


It’s a funky time right now, Leo, so try not to take people’s actions or attitudes too personally. You usually get what you want and are able to impress whomever you want, but even you are hitting a wall. This is a perfect time to regroup and get clear on what and who you really want to spend your high vibin’ energy on.


You’re going through a spiritual resurgence, Virgo. You like going deep and learning new truths about yourself and the world, but this one, especially near or on the solar eclipse, will feel particularly heavy. Don’t turn away. You’re being asked to grow more profoundly. Time to level up.


There’s a lot of movement happening within your relationships, Libra. Situations or feelings that seemed pleasant might turn a 180, which will cause you to feel concerned and confused about what’s real and what’s not. All you need to get clear on is where you’re at, and let the rest sort itself out after the summer of retrogrades ends.


Your world is about to be rocked, Scorpio, and not in the way that you’re used to. You’re veering away from relationships being a highlight in your life to focus more on your career. You’re beginning to consider your life through a new lens of stability and success. Go with the shift. It’s a good thing.


Things aren’t going according to plan, Sag, and it’s getting to you. You have big dreams of adventures you’d like to embark upon—from relationships to career to literal travel—but things seems to be at a standstill. There’s a reason for every season, including this one. Your task is to discover what that is and learn from it.


You’re doing a lot more grinding at work than playing this summer, Capricorn. This is usually how you like it, but even you have your limits. Thankfully, the solar eclipse will help you gain amazing insight into the next phase of your life. You’ll feel more excited and clear than you have in a long time.


Your relationships, both old and new, are at the forefront right now, Aquarius. You are trying to make sense of what your future will look like in terms of partnership and family. You might look to your past to learn from outdated patterns, and you could even hear from an ex this week. Learn what you can and move on.


Your career and financial stability are making waves this week, Pisces. You’re being more logical and practical than what’s normal for a dreamy fish like yourself. This isn’t a bad thing. You might be considering turning your art into a side hustle. Don’t be scared to try something new—this could be the shift you need.


It’s time for you to let go and enjoy yourself, Aries. You’ve been in an intense mood for weeks—and who can blame you? But the cosmos really want you to try to loosen up and see where you can allow more fun and flow into your life. Maybe it’s going out on a date or trying a new hobby. Go for it!


Your emphasis is on your home and family, Taurus. You are concerned with creating the right environment for your family and you might even be wrapped up in some drama concerning your home. It’s important to focus on the good for everyone and, when it doubt, return to love.


Your world might be turned upside down, Gemini, and that’s good. It might not feel like that as you deal with shaken beliefs and negative people, but these things are being removed or transformed because they no longer belong in your life. You’re being asked to grow and glow, so shine on, friend.


You’re itching for something new, Cancer, and unfortunately during this cosmic time, it doesn’t seem like you’re gaining any traction. Trust the process. Even a slight movement is progress. But no matter what, take the time to rest and regroup—because change is coming.

It’s another emosh week, bbs, but it’s not all bad. There’s great value in being called to explore ourselves and uncover greater truths. See it as a positive experience, and it will be.

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