Your HelloGiggles horoscope, August 26th to September 1st: Get ready for a Full Moon and a boatload of feels

August comes to a close this week, and, boy, what a ride it’s been. From moody retrogrades to a significant solar eclipse to the height of Leo drama, this month certainly had it all. And it’s not even over yet. Oh no! It might be slow and steady Virgo season now, but August is going out like the weathered diva she is. Remember: We’ve still got to contend with a Full Moon in Pisces and Mars going direct this week, friends.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 26th means things are about to get as emotional as an Adele song. We’re going to be feeling all the feelings as we undergo some major healing and dealing. Allow yourself this time to rest, reset, and recharge, because Mars is going direct on August 27th—another retrograde down, only four more to go—and that’s going to get us fired up in ways we haven’t felt since June 26th when it went retrograde. We are ready to take action toward our dreams—the ones we’re envisioning during the Full Moon. It’s an exciting time.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this week.


Admit it: your secret birthday wish is true love, Virgo. Ever the realist, you don’t usually give into your romantic whims, but you do love—and you love hard. Don’t be surprised if an ex sends you a surprise “Happy birthday” text. Proceed with caution, but not when it comes to your new crush. Say hi already.


You’re bursting with brilliant ideas, Libra, but you’re still encountering some resistance. All is well. Trust in the universe’s timing. Take this time to keep dreaming your vision into reality while tending to the details. It’ll happen when it happens. Trust.


You’re dealing with some family stuff, Scorpio. Something isn’t quite working within your household/family unit and you’re having trouble pinpointing what that is or how to deal. While you might want to take action now, your best bet is to let things come to a head and then deal with whatever is being suppressed. You got this.


You finally have some clarity, Sag. Maybe it was realizing that a long-held dream was no longer making you excited, or maybe it was finally telling that boy/girl/job bye. Whatever it was, you finally cleaned up what is no longer serving you, and now the future is bright. You can be, do, and have whatever you want. #GetIt.


You’ve got some money woes, Cappy, which is so unlike you. You’re usually prudent and practical with your $$$ but summer fun has got you a little panicky about your finances. It’s okay. This is your wakeup call to set a new budget and to really think about your big financial goals. If you want that house or car, you gotta trim the fat.


You’re in deep hibernation mode, Aquarius. The Full Moon feels have made you question yourself and your future. While you might be feeling unsure and unsteady right now, this is also the perfect time for clarity. Uncertainty also begs the question: what do you want? Once you get honest about your desires, the world is your oyster.


With the Full Moon in your sign, Pisces, you’ll be feeling its effects all week long. You never need an excuse to dream or feel your feelings, but you’ll do more than that during this moon—you’ll finally be able to let go. Surrendering is your best friend right now. Once you finally surrender, the freedom you’ll feel will open up big, beautiful doors for you.


Everyone and everything is bugging you right now, Aries. This is good. This just means you’re ready for a breakthrough. But before that can happen, your best bet is to schedule some time away to reconnect with yourself. Even an evening alone to journal and meditate will do wonders for your soul and your vision.


You’re finally coming into your own, Taurus. After a few months of feeling lost and helpless, you’re now realizing the support that exists around you and the strength that lies within. This is a powerful time to put into action the things you wanted to make happen earlier in the summer but felt weak and unsure about. When in doubt: you can.


You’ve been confused about your career trajectory, Gemini. Before you make any bold moves, it might be wise to consider if you’re honoring your creative side. Perhaps by having a creative outlet for your wildest inspirations you’ll feel more satisfied at your current job? Give that a try before you write up that “I quit!” email.


You know what you want when it comes to your future relationships, Cancer, and now you’re ready to take that to the next level. Maybe it’s committing to your new relationship, or moving in with your partner, or it could even be breaking up with someone who can’t give you what you need. You deserve to be loved how you want to be loved.


You’re being turned in the opposite direction of where you thought you were headed, Leo. This is no time to panic. While you might doubt what you know to be true, this is the Universe’s way of saying your own GPS was off target. Trust that you’re being led where you need to go, because you are.

The week is filled with opportunities and possibilities, bbs. We might feel like life is different now, and that’s because it is. Trust that you are where you’re supposed to be, and say yes to the new vibes.

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